Wordless Wednesday

Someone forgot to tell Gret that you were supposed to pick the apples from the trees, not from the ground.  She sure had fun though at her first apple picking!

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My little 5 year old super hero!  Complete with towel, clothespin, and dog leash lasso.

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Wordless Wednesday

One of our favorite things to do in the summer is go to the beach on Lake Michigan.  Although, it seems like we didn’t make there near enough this year, we will miss it as the weather turns to cooler temps!

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I love all the Altheas (Rose of Sharon) that are starting to bloom.  They are always one of my favorites.  Our first house had tons of them and they always bloom when other flowers seem to be fading.  Here’ my favorite in our backyard right now.

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Tomas and I have known each other for about 1/2 our lives.  Granted we didn’t know each other when we were five, but from our apparent common fashion sense, we were always soul mates.

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Now that school’s out, we have to create our own craft time.  On this day, the pirate craft created mutiny within the ranks.

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1.) He’s silly and not worried about looking like it.

2.) He made certain to wear his Professional Geologist Assoc. hat and shirt the day we flew into the Grand Canyon.

3.) He resembles a Joshua Tree when he stands up with arms raised.

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