Tackle it Tuesday!

Tackle It Tuesday Meme    I must admit that I have a whole bunch of piles around my house.  Mainly they are clothes and household items that I had sorted through when I had a garage sale a while back.  Okay, so it was about 2 months ago but that’s not important.  What’s important is I have these piles.  I hate piles.  I keep walking past them.  I move them to different rooms so guest won’t see them.  They just sit there staring at me.  Waiting for a permanent home.  So my Tackle It Tuesday is to put away all the piles.  I have several empty plastic bins waiting (piled in my basement, of course) to be loaded with new contents.  I can’t wait to get everything sorted and labeled.  I even bought a label maker, two months ago for this very occasion.  I am so excited to Tackle It!  I will let you know how the piles panned out later!  I will feel so much better if I just get this whole process done with.  If you don’t hear from me in 2 days, call for help.  I am probably trapped under one of my piles.


 Tackle It Tuesday Meme

It’s “Tackle It Tuesday”!  I love this regular post idea.  I always start lists and then never finish them.  Dr. M. Roizen and Dr. M. Oz in their very popular book, “You: The Owner’s Manual”  talk about stress and how it affects your body.  Stress over a prolonged period of time can harm your body.  One area of stress that they talk about is “nagging unfinished tasks” (p 93).  When something gnaws at you over a period of time, like unfinished projects, it adds stress to you and ages you every time you think/look at it.  So, in an effort to reduce stress in my life, I am going to share my “Tackle it Tuesday” list.  On my list today:

1.  Unpack from vacation

2. Do laundry

3. Bring stuff to Goodwill

4. Move furniture

It’s not a huge list but if I can get this done, I can move on to bigger and better projects and things tomorrow or the day after.  People used to say I was a procrastinator but now because I have 3 little ones, they just assume I’m busy.  I like this second excuse much better, however, things still need to get done somehow!