Poop Issues

Here’s another “Too Green for Me” moment:

I was searching the web for more green ideas for my home.  I can across this little gem of an idea.  How about a Compost Toilet!

Now from what I understand, it’s definitely not an outhouse.  It is a dry or waterless toilet that allows natural processes to change your poopies and pee-pees into usable compost or “humanure”.  They will have chambers, usually one for collecting and one for composting or resting for one year before use in your yard.  They are supposed to have little to no smell (I find that hard to believe.  I don’t think they have met my family.) 

The positives of a compost toilet:  No water waste, usable waste, sends no sewage sludge to landfills***, if your children swallow anything valuable you can always dig through the storage unit to retrieve it, a great conversation starter (“Hey, my name is Chet, I compost my own crap.  What’s your name?” or “Those are nice shrubs, Chet.”  Reply: “Thanks, my poopies do make prolific peonies”.)  and can be installed almost anywhere.

The negatives of a compost toilet:  feel like you have a strange new hobby (poop collecting), eventually you would have to deal with the same crap, just on a different day and you would have poopies, poopies, and more poopies. 

I can recognize that it would benefit the environment.  But please, I will keep my low-flow toilet right where it is.  I have enough poop issues over here and don’t want to deal with it twice.  Plus, these suggestions scared me.  One site recommended creating a natural flycatcher to collect any flies which may be hanging around and one site noted that most pathogens will die off but roundworm eggs may hang out for a year.  So don’t spread the compost in your garden. Hmmm….tasty.

You can decide for yourself, but this is too green for me! 

****My environmentally friendly husband works to design some landfills and wanted to share that sewage sludge is instrumental in the operation of bioreactor landfills.  Because, the bacteria from the sewage sludge is needed to increase the rate of waste degradation, accelerate the generation of methane gas (which can sometimes be used or converted for power – green energy), and ultimately decrease the need for new landfills by creating more space through degradation in the present landfills.  (Does he sound hot or what, ladies?) 

some links on compost toilets:  http://compostingtoilet.org, www.compost-toilets.com, www.composttoilets.net


Go to fullsize imageI have a love hate relationship with poop.  My family has poop issues.  I am at my wit’s end.  Help me….I am drowning in poop.

You may be asking yourself, “What the heck kind of post is this?”  Other’s may be nodding their heads in understanding.  Some of you may even be clicking over to another site with a more glamorous topic….STOP!  Don’t leave yet!  I need help.

Let me explain.  I have IBS.  It’s typical for a worrisome women like myself to have some anxiety manifest itself in a physical ailment.  My stress always heads straight to my gut.  It will hurt, spasm, and poop to no end some days.  My Paxil helps some but since the third little apple dumpling joined our gang, it’s come back with a vengence.  Yes, having 3 under 3 1/2 is stressful (and fun in a crazy crazy way).  So I am dealing with that.  My doc has talked about having me switch meds.  Watch out for me if that happens.  Paxil is a real blast to get off of, let me tell you.  Headaches, the spins, nausea, and irritably are just a few pleasureable symptoms.  I will be in rare form and just may end up with a criminal record if it’s not handled properly.   But on the upside, my own poop issues may be more controlled after that.

My second household poop issue.  The one that puzzles, frustrates, and is over taking my life.  It’s Zack’s chronic constipation.  Ever since he was a baby, he has been constipated.  When he potty trained this past year, it got 1o times worse.  Everyday, we deal with poop issues.  Sometimes he holds it so long, his belly bloats like a puffer fish.  We have tried everything that we could think of.  Right now he is on a prescription (not my first choice but nothing else we tried worked).  It’s helping the physical issue of hard poopies but his will to hold it is INCREDIBLE.  We have countless little accidents because of this.  The poor kid is either in pain from withholding or embarrassed because he pooped his pants.  It’s physically exhausting and traumatizing for him.

It frustrates me beyond all imagination.  I spend my days literally wiping butt after butt after butt.  Our diaper/Pull-up pile is the size of a landfill (which is just great since my hubby is an environmental consultant who deals with landfills). 

Does anyone have any suggestions?  Has anyone else dealt with bad constipation in a toilet traing tot?  What worked?  I have met my match here, the poop issues have to go.  If they don’t, I might have to write more about it.  Yes, that’s a threat.