StreetThe presidential candidates seem to have selected their running mates long ago.  I have been waiting to hear on the news/debates where both the McCain and Obama camps stand on environmental issues. I could take a pretty good guess, but I wanted to know the facts…nothing but the facts (or as close as I could get to the facts).

What I found was a nice little summary on some of the major environmental and energy issuesfrom “Scientific American”.  It compares what each political camp has said regarding each issues addressed.

You can see the article here.

I honestly can’t wait to hear the debates on issues such as the environment, education, energy & oil, healthcare, and families and children.  I know that the economic crisis is huge but I am afraid that even if a plan/agreement is reached soon, it’s going to overshadow all other issues that effect our homes.  I can’t wait for some other issues to get some face time as well!