I would like to say that I attempted to have a really “green” birthday party this weekend since this is a greenish blog.  But I can’t, because I didn’t.   When a larger group of people are in my house, there is no way I can have enough plates, cups, or silverware for the crowd unless I do disposable.  So that’s what we did.  Anyway, if you are suspecting some great green tips on how to have a pirate birthday party, forget it.

Zack is turning 5 this week!  I can’t believe it!  He’s getting so tall and acting so “grown-up” it shocks us from day to day.  Well, Zack was bent on having a theme party.  For some reason, he went from wanting an outer space party, to a Spider-man party (which I quickly squashed), and ended up with Pirate.  This was fine with me.  We are going to recycle some of the stuff for Halloween costumes, so that’s helpful.

The kids got inflatable pirate swords, pirate head scarves, eye patches, compasses, and a map in a little bag.  We did a treasure hunt where they were supposed to each find a little treasure chest with a little candy, gold coins, and pirate money.  I say “supposed to” because originally we were going to do a treasure hunt outside, but the oodles of rain we’ve had squashed that idea.  Everyone had the opportunity to cram into my house.  That was the only downside of the afternoon.

Well, I think the kids had a great time playing with the pirate booty and the adults hopefully weren’t ready to poke their eyes out by the end of the afternoon with the inflatable swords.  My most prized addition to the Pirate Party was the cake I made up.  For the kids birthdays, I always try make a cake that fits their theme.  I try to be creative.  I am stressing “try”.  I was a little stuck at first at how to make a pirate cake. Until I got this great idea.  I was at work and I quickly jotted down my plans, even though the kids I was tutoring thought I was a little weird.  They were thinking algebra and I was thinking pirate cake.

Well, here’s what I came up with…

Okay, so it doesn’t look as cool in these pics as I thought it did when it was sitting next to each other on the table.  These are actually the only 2 pictures that we took of the cake, so that’s what you get 🙂

It was very simple to make if you need an idea on how to start a pirate cake.  I just used 2 cake mixes.  One mix went in a 9×13 pan (for the water/base).  The other mix was split between a shallow bowl (for the island) and a loaf pan (for the boat).  I created the palm tree, oars, and the sail from craft paper, tootpicks and popsicle sticks I colored brown.  A little chocolate frosting and buttercream frosting dyed blue was used to frost it.  A little bit of green sprinkles gave the illusion of grass on the island and the pirate guys were 50 cents at the party supply store. Of all the cakes I have made so far, this was one of the easiest to decorate.

If you are looking for pirate goodies for a party or just for Halloween, now is the time to buy them.  Our local dollar store had tons of things in stock, Target had a bunch in their party section, Party City had more than you would ever need, and if you need more, check out any Halloween costume section. 

My kids are still pretending to be pirates this morning, so I think they really liked it!