Go to fullsize image  If you ever look through the coupon section in your newspaper, you may have seen the ad for a Foot Pad that is supposed to remove toxins from your body.  You simply slap them on your feet and when you wake up from a restful night, you will see the evidence that toxins have been removed because the “after” picture looks dirty.  It states that they were discovered in Japan.  I think they just may have been discovered in a scam lab.

Now, my inquiring mind wants to know if these babies work.  I admit to believing that some questionable health methods (at least questionable to the U.S. conventional medical field) do really work.  I don’t understand though, how these pads can withdraw toxins from your body.  I have not seen them in a store to see the list of active ingredients.  However, it states that they are now available in Walgreens, CVS and Rite Aid.  Maybe, I will have to take a closer look at them if I am ever found in one of these stores with extra time and no children.  That’s not too likely to happen either, but we’ll see.

I did find one website that claims they work by using the mineral tourmaline, which is a mineral that claims to release negative ions that have a soothing therapeutic effect on the body.  I asked Tomas about Tourmaline since he is the rock expert in our home.  He said that some minerals do have a negative charge but was unsure as to whether it could be “captured” in a foot pad for use.

This website also states that the foot pad triggers accupressure points on the foot that relax you and help the body release toxins.  Okay, I can believe that relaxation part.  The foot has many, many pressure points to all areas and energy meridians of the body.  I have undergone accupuncture many times, and there are always areas in the foot that are stimulated by the needles.  I have found that to be an enormously effective treatment.

This particular website also states that the pads contain bamboo vinegar, a bunch of herbs and homeopathic ingredients.  Not too much specific information or medical talk to state why these pads are able to draw heavy metals out of your feet.  The fact that they show a dirty looking pad as an after does not convince me of their effectiveness either.  Who wouldn’t have some dirt, sweat and grime stuck to a white cotton pad after it’s been stuck on the bottom of your foot and then in a sock all night?

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I am considering undertaking my own small scale study to see if these babies work.  I am always up for a good non-harmful experiment.  An internet search shows anything from people believing it’s a total scam to people thinking it helped cure them of many symptoms of disease such as arthritis and chronic fatique syndrome.  It’s hard to sort out the good from the bad.  I definitely will have to try these out to see if they work.  Of course, I have to check out how much they cost, but I do have a $2.00 coupon so that should help 🙂  Any thoughts on if they will work or not?