Go to fullsize imageI am so angry.  I mean really angry.  I was suckered.  I should have known. 

Take a look at this little article/post.  I knew that Herbal Essence hair care products were poison.  I haven’t used that crap since it first came out ages ago.  I had heard wind that it caused cancer and had some major toxic chemicals in it. 

The part that I am angry about is the Tide, Bounce, and Downy Pure Essentials.  Seriously, how could I have been fooled to think that this line was more enviro-friendly than the old.  It was the packaging, the lingo, the crafty marketeers with their sneaky ways.  Proctor and Gamble did well on this one.  Suckering us into thinking that Pure Essentials was a good attempt at becoming greener. 

I knew that it wasn’t pure “greenness” to buy the Tide and Downy Pure Essentials but the White Lilac smelled SO good and they did say something about “natural”.  I have a secret love for the smell of Tide and maybe that was subconsciously directing me on that particular shopping day.

I guess I didn’t investigate the label thoroughly because guess what…it’s basically all the same formulations as the usual, traditional stuff.

So, once again do your part, greenies, and read those labels!  Do a little research!  Don’t be fooled by that new fandangled wrapper that looks pretty.  Drat that Proctor & Gamble!  Big corporate may have fooled me yet again!  But they’ve got another thing coming…  I pledge to never buy this stuff again even if it smells like heaven, is on sale and I have a good coupon.  Now, that will be some big green will power my friend!  Money talks and the loss of my business will single handedly bring this foolery to a halt (actually, it won’t.   But it could if many people stopped buying)  You just wait P&G!  You haven’t heard the last from this little grasshopper!

Before you embark on a journey of revenge, dig two graves. ~Confucius