Alternate Title:  Compared to Me, Everyone Else is Normal

Go to fullsize image  I thought I would update everyone who cares on my goings on, green happenings and life with 3 crazy children and 1 lazy husband. Oops….did I say that last part aloud?  I know that you have one of those too at times….come on just admit it. 🙂  Add my 2 itchy dogs and an OCD cat and we’ve got a mixture made for madness.  If you have decided at this point that you just don’t care about this stuff, stop reading, and go find something more educational to do.  Such as watch the History Channel or Food Channel.

I will move on to my update now.  First of all, an update on my “natural” attempts to rid my dogs of fleas and itch.  Results are mixed.  One dog is great.  No fleas, no itch.  That would be our husky-mix.  She is a trooper and it built strong like a truck.  Nothing really phases her.  Except macaroni and cheese, she goes beserk for mac and cheese, and watermelon.  Then there is our terrier mix, Harry.  He has gone from itchy to super itchy.  Top that off with about 30% hairloss in a couple days and mild skin abrasions from his claws itching himself, and you have one unhappy little pup.  There is no ataxia at this point, which means there is no neurological issues yet, that’s a good thing.  He is going to see the vet straight away tomorrow.  I gave him an oatmeal bath and then a massage with natural oils to help soothe his skin.  He did love that and it really helped.  But the hairloss is still worrisome.  I keep saying he has the mange just because I like that word.  Oh, I almost forgot!  The fleas are gone though!  This is probably a skin allergy to something else, like my natural veterinary pharmaceutical concoctions.  I will let you know what the vet says.  If it’s something I made, I will be sure to let you know what needs to be changed in the recipes.  Even though the vet will likely think I am crazy for trying the previous methods, I don’t care.  I am full disclosure in the realm of health.  I think he will be more impressed by my obsessive clinical observations that I have been recording every 3 hours. 

On to the weekend:  The weekend started off great.  The kids and I met up with some friends on Friday evening.  They had a blast eating cookies, riding on a battery powered fire truck, and performing songs for us in their impromptu band.  The 1 1/2 year olds weren’t too helpful in this but they looked cute.  The night ended with an hour of chasing fire flies all over the neighborhood, catching them in clear jars and releasing them to be chased again.  We got home at 10:15pm and the kids were still all pumped up.  All six of the kids in the group were having so much fun they didn’t want to leave.

Tomas was not at this event because he was playing in yet another tennis tournament.  His back muscles are looking mmm…mmmm….fine, but ladies, this schedule is killing me.  He played Saturday as well and thanks to a rain delay and quick elimination for Tomas that day he was home by noon.  This tourney was mostly college punks and my old man just couldn’t keep up for too long.  He expected this going into it and the money goes toward charity, so he wasn’t disappointed.

Saturday also brought us an ill child.  Zack developed a fever of 103 and was obviously fighting a bug.  Anson is potty training and doing awesome.  Only one accident in 3 days.  I can NOT wait to have another one out of diapers totally.  The nighttime dryness is still an issue but I will take him wearing unders only in the day anytime.  The landfills are breathing a sigh of relief.  If I knew then what I know now, it would be cloth diapers all the way.

Since it was rainy and Zack was sick and Anson had to stay near the potty chair and Gret is cutting molars and Tomas was exhausted from trying to keep up with the younger generation at tennis and my dog was itching his skin off, I decided to start a minor remodeling project or 2 in the basement.  We were trapped in the house, why not take on another project right? 

I created a large chalkboard (about 6ft wide by 4 foot tall, set low by the floor) using chalkboard paint in the craft room, mounted squares of cork board above it to display any cool kids projects, and posted a large map of the U.S. to chart out our families travels.  It looks really awesome and the kids love it.  As I was doing it, Zack brought me the keys to my car from my purse.  When I asked him why he had those, he said that we needed to go to the craft store to get chalk, right now!  So exciting for the little ones.  I will post pics of the room once I rearrange our craft tables to fit the new space.  I am working on creating my “craft studio” in there as well, so they can do fun projects while I get some work done.  I have to admit it looks a little reminiscent of an old school classroom.

But don’t think I stopped there, I was on a painting roll (or should I say, roller).  I love to paint things.  It’s a sick thing really.  I put Anson’t potty chair right outside the bathroom in the basement which is by our new “studio”.  I pulled out one of the several cans of paint I have collected over time and started painting that room.  It was a boring 80’s beige/off white color.  No life what-so-ever, but now it is a lovely “Seaside” blue/green color.  Zack said he really liked that as well.  Now I just need to make some curtains (I have some material I can use for that).  I cleaned it all up today and hope to make a coastal spa feel in there so mommy or guests can have a little retreat.  I will post pics of the finished room once I make the curtains.  If anyone remembers this bathroom, it used to have the cat littler box in it (that’s been relocated) and it was kind of dingy.   I also did take a break when an honorary Dutch friend swung by and kidnapped me to go to the local Dutch store.  We got some yummy things and our favorite coffee.  Which I would desparately need in the morning.

For most people, that would be a full weekend.  But not for me.  I think I must be certifiable.  Today, Zack woke me up puking his guts out.  Good morning!  At least he waited until 8 am to start this.  Poor thing had a raging fever again.  We took care of our little man all morning and when the pukeys subsided, I tackled the now huge pile of laundry, cleaned the other 2 bathrooms, and the kitchen.  I went to 2 second hand stores, looking for a couple specific items, including a bathroom cabinet for my newly painted one.  Didn’t find it but found a couple other great deals.  I came back, played with the kids for a while.  Zack was doing 200% better after some ibuprofen. 

Tomas prepared the meal we were supposed to share with some very special friends.  It was delicious!!  Sorry guys about having to postpone!!  I am sure you didn’t want this virus though at your house.  After our great 4 course meal, we all went outside to play since it was finally below 150 degrees outside with 200% humidity.  I trimmed all of our shrubbery on a whim, swept the patio, pruned some trees, and prepped the trash and recycling bins for pick up.

So, that is my weekend activity.  It was unexpectedly jammed packed even though we were “at home”.  We were supposed to go see 2 of Tomas and I’s grandparents who are under hospice care and not expected to make it through the next week.  One was having a Birthday party, because he probably is not going to be here for his 90th in August.  It was a great event, and we were sad to miss it.  But we couldn’t go due to our infected home.  We will get to both as soon as our germs clear out.  Our other 2 grandparents are doing better.  But grandma has been switched to a full care alzheimers facility instead of assisted living.  Grandpa is scheduled for heart repairs in a couple weeks but is doing well.

Hmmm….if you made it this far, I applaud you!  I hope you could keep up with our chaos.  There will always be more to come! 

You need chaos in your soul to give birth to a dancing star.   ~Nietzsche