It was really one of Zack’s “best” moments, not Bette moment.  However, it is really strange to me that he came out with this after all of my thinking about the Divine Miss M speaking to me. 

Zack came up to me and said, “Mom, do you know why we won’t ever have a tornado here anymore?”  He has been all about tornados or “swirly winds” since we had tornado watches and warnings around West Michigan.  Granted that was about 2 months ago, but the whole concept stuck in his mind.

“Hmmm….because we live in a safe place?”, I threw out a random motherly answer.

“No,” Zack replies seriously while placing a hand on my shoulder.  “We don’t have tornados here because God knows that we have a new swingset.”

“What does our swingset have to do with tornados?”, I ask.  Believe me, I know that his mind has been working away at this one.

“Well, God doesn’t want to swirly tornado winds to lift up our swingset and take it away because we would be sad.  See, it’s okay mom.  God is watching us from a distance far away all the time.  So no more swirly winds.”

The look on my face must have worried him after that second to last sentence since he asked me if what he said was right.  I think it was all squished and twisted up in a “you’ve got to be kidding me!” look.  I haven’t even talked about this whole thing aloud.

From a distance, I just can’t make this stuff up!  Zack is becoming my little philosopher.  You should hear his take on life after death.  It involves dinosaurs, the center of the earth, beaches, palm trees and an island.  Should I be worried??