Anson is trouble.  Trouble with a capital “T”.  He is adorable with big blue/gray eyes and the cutest chuckle known to man, but boy can he get into trouble and that is why we often call him the “t” word. 

Anson has always been my loud and fearless one.  I admire that about him.  He will dive into anything that catches his eye with such focus that you can hardly tear him away for it.  His preschool teacher would always marvel at his focus on a task (except for circle time where he just couldn’t be contained).  Sometimes, I have had to literally tap him on the nose between the eyes to get his attention when he is concentrating on his next stunt.

Despite all of his trouble, he is the most outwardly loving boy ever.  I have to admit I take some personal pride in having raised 2 boys who express affection in a second hand manner.  Meaning, they don’t think twice about giving a hug or kiss.  Perhaps, they will out grow of this tender trait or maybe they will transfer their expressions of affection to the form of hearty, manly “love taps”.  You know, the manly hugs where 2 men stand about 2 feet apart, simulate a hug formation, and simply slap their hand on each others shoulders a few times.  Not too close, not too soft, just a slightly impersonal manly hug.

Even though this transference of affection may be inevitable in men/boys, I hope that Anson maintains his focus on affection.  He approaches his hugs just like he approaches each new exciting bout of trouble.  That is just one reason why I love him.  When I am having a bad day and “Trouble” wraps his pudgy little arms around me in a squeeze equivalent to a boa constrictor, all my worries melt away.  He lives in the moment, focusing on the love that he wants you to feel.  Straight from his precious little heart to mine.

Yesterday, my little buddy came up to me after I finished vacuuming up one of his messes (smashed gold fish crackers everywhere) and grabbed me around my neck in one of his classic hugs.  I literally fell over from the force of it.  He kissed me on my cheek and said, “Mommy, are you done?” 

I responded, “Yes, I am done vacuuming up your huge mess.”

Trouble pats me on the face with one hand while the other stroked my hair, “I am so proud of you mommy!”  Another ferocious hug follows.

You just can’t imagine these moments until they happen and then you wish you could bottle them up for later times when hugs aren’t cool anymore.  I sincerely hope that he continues to hold onto life with such fierce passion and also to always have a reason to be proud of his mommy.  Even if others only see the trouble in him, I will always see the passionate love he has for all.

That is why I love “Trouble”.  Well, that and because he always notices and compliments when I have popsicle toes.  (For those of you who don’t understand Anson’s toddler speak:  Popsicle toes = Polished toes.)  He’s the only male I know who consistently does that, and that’s saying something!