“My Home Sweet Home”

Tweenie’s Greenie’s: Monday Edition

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I dare you, oh pesky mosquito, to try and bite me!  I double dare you to bite my children!

How I hate that blasted mosquito!  Forget the hornets, forget earwigs, and forget those little ants that seem to sneak into my house this time of year.  They can go about their business in relative peace.  But, those mosquitoes need to die!  Yes, I said it…die.  And I mean it too.  I would squish every one of those skinny little devils if I could.

Today was the first day that I really noticed that the mosquitos were out.  I fear that this year is going to be a horrible mosquito season for us.  The reason I think this is that the house next door has a literal West Nile breeding ground.  The house is in foreclosure.  Yes, I was so excited at first because the twenty something boys who bought it were a raucous bunch.  But now, they have left and they have left a huge mess for the world to see. 

To start with, the grass has not been trimmed/mowed all spring/summer.  I called the city but nothing has happened so far.  The front lawn is about 1foot high and the back areas are about 2feet right now.  There are weeds everywhere!  Tomas sprayed weed killer on part of it but to no avail.  The weeds…are….much…too…powerful. 

Then there is the pile of trash (yes, literal trash) that they left on the front driveway.  They were nice enough to cover it with a bright blue tarp.  How thoughtful.  So nice of them to think of covering that trash heap because they left a huge pile of crap on the side of the house too.  That is all uncovered and includes an unused giant hot tub that is filled with water. 

If the piles of trash and the mile high weeds weren’t enough to attract thousands of mosquitos, the uncovered algae ridden inground pool and hot tub in the back should do it.  This pool is so green and disgusting that even a family of ducks left it in a couple days for better pondage.  There is just a film of slime everywhere.  You can’t even see through it.

Anyway, you can see why this will be the mosquito season to beat all mosquito seasons over here.  Normally, I would just smear on a little “Off” Mosquito Repellent and call it good.  But every since I have had kids, I have been leary about covering them with bug repellents, even if they say they’re for the family.  It just seems a little wrong to be giving little absorbant bodies a chemical sponge bath. 

So, I set about to find some “natural” bug repellents.  Here’s what I found.

To help make your body or your little one’s body less attractive to those @#%$#@ mosquitos try the following:

  1. Wear loose clothing.  Mosquitos can easily bite through tight clothing, so forget the hip huggers and tube top.
  2. Avoid sugar and caffeine.  What!???  I think this is a conspiracy against me to nix my vices.  I guess that mosquitos are attracted to carbon dioxide release and lactic acid build up.  That’s how they find their targets.  Sugar and caffeine will make your body produce more of both of these.  I think I will still eat my donuts and coffee but just breathe less instead.  I’ll let you know how that works.
  3. Remove standing water around your yard/home.  Exactly!!  I am going to call the city and tell them the neighbors home is affecting the health and well being of my children.  I am sure they will love another call. 
  4. Avoid perfumes and scented lotions.  Mosquitos will just think you smell prettier and much more attractive.
  5. Use mint.  Crush up some fresh mint and rub it on your skin.  Uugh!  I just pulled out all of my mint from my garden because it was growing everywhere.  Maybe I can just roll in the compost pile where I tossed it.
  6. Burn something.  Either a campfire or candles.  If you have a little fire pit or something you could burn lavendar (I guess?) to ward off the bugs.  If you use a candle made to repel the bugs, they usually only work if you are within 3 feet of them.  Maybe I could put a candelabra on my head, walk around and wave burning lavendar sprigs around the edge of my yard.
  7. Turn on a fan.  Mosquitos can only fly about 8 miles an hour, so wind will keep them away.  Great! One gigantic yard sized fan should be easy to find.

If those don’t do the trick or you miss smothering your body in something to keep the bugs away, try this essential oil mixture:

These ingredients can be easily found at your local health store. Be sure you get Essential Oils and not simply fragrance oil. You will not get the benefits Essential Oils will give you.

What you will need:

A 4 ounce dark bottle

A carrier oil such as: olive, avocado, or sweet almond oil.

Lavender essential oil

Geranium essential oil

Cedar wood essential oil

Vitamin E oil

Fill the 4 ounce bottle to ¾ full with the carrier oil of your choice.

Add 5 drops each of the lavender and geranium essential oils and 3 drops of cedar wood and vitamin E oil. Top off the 4 ounce bottle with carrier oil, shake the bottle to blend and you’re set.

If you use the heavier olive oil as your carrier this blend will be better suited to a bath oil. If you use a lighter carrier, after your shower but before you towel off, massage into your wet skin. Lightly pat dry with a towel.

Always keep your Essential Oils covered. Essential Oils lose potency when exposed to air.

And finally, if you do get a bug bite from those little unbuzzworthy bugs, dab essential lavendar oil or peppermint oil on them.  Or use our old stand by, baking soda (3 parts mixed with 1 part water).  That will help to neutralize the bite.  I have used this remedy before and it really works.  However, I warn you that if you have a bunch of bites, you will look a little strange walking around with white baking soda polka dots all over your body.


I found the essential oil recipe here.  So don’t come banging on my door expecting me to fix it if you turn purple.  Even though I love to use essential oils,  I just follow essential oil recipes and hope for the best myself 🙂