Go to fullsize imageIt’s Father’s Day weekend!  Just thought I would let you know that in case you didn’t get the memo or have been missing in a remote part of the rain forest for the past couple hundred years. However, don’t expect any sappy post about how my man is the best father in the world.  He is but as of today, he has only read my blog one time, so why post sap he won’t read.  Don’t even think that he is getting breakfast in bed.  That would be too troublesome with the crumbs and all.  And, don’t even start thinking I a cruel, heartless wife with no soul.  I did do something special and thoughful for him since he is our main man over here.  

I have to admit that I celebrated in a not-so traditional manner this year.  If you have been missing in the rain forest, you may not know that I was traumatized surprised to find out I was pregnant AGAIN about 2 years ago with little Gret.  That means we were going to have 3 children 3 1/2 years old and younger.  Enough to make any grown man cry out in fear.  And that is just want Tomas did!  Our little Gret has been an amazing addition to our chaotic family, but Tomas still has bouts of crying from being overwhelmed.  Shhh! Don’t let on that you know he cries.  He also cries during movies, but he doesn’t want you to know that either! 

I am not saying that because Tomas is overwhelmed, he’s not a great dad.  He’s an awesome dad.  Zack and Anson both think he is the strongest man alive and they greatly admire his Rescue Heroes play skills.  Gret just knows that daddy can’t resist a blondie with blue eyes and will schmooze him for whatever she wants.  She’s got poor Tomas wrapped around her pudgie little finger.  I think Tomas is pretty great myself.  I must be crazy for him,  I did choose him to be my husband out of the thousands of young lads that were lined up to ask for my hand over 10 years ago.

Anyway, back to my nontraditional Father’s Day extravaganza.  Tomas has been a little overworked and underpaid as a dad to 3 wild childs.  So, to celebrate being such a wonderful daddy.  I shipped all the kiddos over to their Oma’s house.  Yes, our house is kid free.  I surprised him early this afternoon by magically appearing with Diego Backpacks filled with kids clothes and diapers.  I gathered up all 3 of our little blessings and jumped in the car.  We met Oma a short distance from the house so Tomas wouldn’t know exactly what was up until I arrived home sans kids.  He tried to feign sadness but had no success.  A smile soon crept across his face.

Is it bad that his amazing Father’s Day gift was a weekend with no children?  I think that might defeat the whole meaning of the day but… any emotional scarring caused by this should be short lived.  Tomas quickly got over feeling guilty and decided to spend the afternoon holding down the couch.  A very demanding job.  I did nothing as ambitious as couch holding downing.  On the contrary, I had a relaxing afternoon cutting down dead tree branches, cleaning up yard debris and pine needles off a 1/2 block stretch of sidewalk, followed by giving Tomas a long over due hairs cut. 

Since I was well rested and rarin’ to go, I surprised Tomas again by telling him that we were going out.  I even picked out his clothes.  I would hate for him to strain himself on Father’s Day weekend.  I had reservations at our favorite restaurant downtown.  Louis Bentons.  Yum! Yum! Yum!  I had the Madagascar Chicken.  This chicken was so fab, even steak loving Tomas wanted more but I fended him off.  Tomas had blackened filet something steak with Crab crusted something something.  He also ordered this loaded baked potato, that literally was a foot long and 4 inches wide.  We measured it because it seemed beyond belief.  We had some great salads too but they weren’t as much of a conversation item as the potato.  I had a great wine, Tomas had some wierd beer that I had never heard of.  He loved it, that’s all that was important.  Then I was brought a little slice of heaven.  No not cheesecake, I was too stuffed for that.  I had to have a little pick me up, so I ordered the chocolate almond coffee.  It’s french pressed right at your table.  Mmmm….coffee….

Go to fullsize imageAfter stuffing our faces, I headed over to East Grand Rapids, where we cuddled on a park bench over looking Reeds Lake (it was a gorgeous day here), walked through gaslight village, and strolled through some neighborhoods admiring the huge old houses. We even held hands and locked arms!  How cute we were!  Here’s the extra cheese:  I had color coordinated our outfits. Giggle, Giggle!

Tomorrow morning just might involve sleeping in and making waffles without hearing whining.  According to Tomas, it’s been a fab Father’s day so far!  Tomorrow I will go pick up the kids and rescue Oma from exhaustion.  Of course, all three kids will probably be exhausted as well after having the most entertaining time ever.  I was told by Zack that they love going there because “Oma has M&M’s”.  I wish I was that simple to win over.  Life would be so much easier.