Go to fullsize imageThe rain has stopped for a couple days which means that I can go back to greening up things around the house.  I have been experimenting with fabric softeners since I am line drying about everything possible thanks to the clothes line challenge.  A good friend of mine, was sure to recommend use a really good fabric softener to keep things soft and supple.  I tried some “homemade” recipes for softener.  They worked, but didn’t make my clothes smell as lovely as I wished.

So far, my favorite smelling environmentally friendly fabric softener is Seventh Generation.  The blue eucalyptus lavendar scent is heavenly (since I love both of those scents).  It makes me want to roll in a big pile of my clothes.  Or maybe, I could just take some all natural cotton material, wash it with the fabric softener and tear it into smaller strips.  Once I have made the strips, I can roll them up into a small tampon like shape and shove it up my nose.  I figure, that way, I can smell it for hours and still get work done (since I won’t have to stay situated in a pile of clean clothes).

Has anybody else found a great smelling eco-friendly fabric softener?  Let me know because despite my love for Seventh Generation, it is a little pricey and that may be a problem if I use it all the time.