“Tons of Change Thursday”

Tweenie’s Greenies: Thursday Edition

Look at that title in beautiful green “heading 2” font!  I am using it again.  Well, at least for today.  It’s that schedule that I set up for blogging that I think I ditched after a couple weeks.  Things came up, my fingers were gnawed off…whatever other excuse I could come up with at the time.

Well, I just remembered this lovely idea to save money on your water bill this summer.  If you live in a potentially high humidity area, such as Michigan in the summer, you probably have a dehumidifier.  Ours is running at full tilt since Noah floated by last week.  Sidenote: taking all the old musty carpet out of our basement last year and replacing it with hard flooring, was one of the best ideas we ever had.  My mold allergies are basically non-existent now. 

Anyway, if you have a dehumidifier you know that you have to empty that collection tank of all the condensated water every so often.  Why not put that water to good use?  Heck, you burned all that fossil fuel running it, might as well make it worth something!  I have been using that water to water my flower gardens, my potted plants, anything that needs some nice condensated water gets a little treat from my humidifier tank.  The nice part is, my tank also has a wonderful little spout for pouring out the water, so “no muss, no fuss”!

Here’s another idea for saving water in the summer.  Fill up your little kids swimming pool in the morning with water so that it warms in the afternoon sun.  They can play in it, do what ever, a little grass in there only makes this grand idea a little greener.  When they are finished in there for the day, you can either use that water to water any gardens OR you can take some eco-friendly soap, bath/wash your children in it, and then use that graywater to water your plants.  The eco-friendly soap won’t harm your grass or plants (or children for that matter).  Now you just accomplished three things and recycled your water for 3 important uses:  entertaining the children all day outside of your house, bathing your children, and watering your organic gardens.  You should hear trumpets as you complete this task.

I can’t get more savings to come out of my head at the moment.  Except for this thought of somehow collecting the condensation off of my families cups/glasses.  That’s another untapped water resource (get it..untapped…as in not from the tap!  Ha!).  Maybe I can design a little collection tray that attaches to the glasses.  You could collect the condensation from several cups throughout the day and use it for all of the before mentioned activities as well.  I will get back to you on that.  I have to work on the design of this little gem of an invention.  I think it will be a HUGE hit because of the “green” buzz everybody has going right now.  I could probably sell it for $50 a pop in water restricted areas.  Off to my research lab!!