Go to fullsize imageThis weather in the Midwest is driving me bonkers and has us trapped inside for days on end.  Just long enough to make me disgusted of my house.  Looking around I notice all the cobwebs and black dust from the furnace running all winter.  Why do we have that dust anyway??  We have good filters and we have had our ducts cleaned recently (last year). 

What else can I do but start cleaning.  I haven’t even dared keep the computer plugged in for too long because of the lightening.  I have had bad experiences of computer frying even with a surge protector in the past.  So yesterday, I cleaned and cleaned.  One thing led to another and I did accomplish a lot but I had a huge backslide with the green cleaning thing.

For one, I used a TON of papertowel.  I was cleaning my windows and no matter how hard I try, I can find nothing that is as fast and efficient as premade window cleaner and papertowel.  If I was just doing a couple windows, I would use the vinegar solution and newspaper.  However when I have a whole house to do, time is of the essence.  That movie the kids are watching is less than 2 hours and that’s how much time I have to get things done (if I’m lucky).  At the end of the day, about 1 1/2 rolls of paper towel gone.  Thanks to a house of windows/sliding doors needing to be cleaned inside and out.  It was so much paper towel, but when I can look outside through a crystal clear window, I have to think it was worth it.

I will say that my new favorite window cleaner is Mrs. Meyer’s aromatherapeutic Window Cleaner in Geranium Scent.  It may seem a little pricey at $4.99 a bottle but it goes a long way.  (look for it on sale. I originally got this bottle for $2.50 at a local health store)  No streaks, an awesome scent and best of all, no toxic fumes/byproducts.  I guess I can be glad that my gigantic pile of used paper towel, was aromatherapeutic and helped my mood during cleaning.  I highly recommend Mrs. Meyer’s stuff.  So far, I have not been disappointed.

After I cleaned the windows, I was sure to take down the draperies and was them.  Of course, since everything is drenched from rain and storms, I put them in the dryer.  The clothesline challenge is a bust for me this weekend.  I have mountains of laundry and no place to hang them all.  My dehumidifier is running at capacity and the basement is still dampish.  I have to dry it using even more energy than ever.  (include my air conditioner running 24/7 and we are going to have a heck of a bill for June)

On the upside, I did find some fabric that I bought a year ago and never used.  It was intended for curtains.  I finally took a couple hours while the laundry was going and whipped up 4 curtain panels.  I love them and they look beautiful on my sparkly clean windows.  I guess that was kind of green.  Actually using what you have instead of letting it waste in a closet.

Today, I continue my laundry quest and hope that our power doesn’t go out as we are to get more storms today.  Although if the power goes out for a while, it might off set my energy bill from using my dryer and air conditioning so much.  **Sigh…**  I can only hope!