Yes, believe it or not, I do have some quirks.  I know that most of you think I am an absolutely normal, sane and high class lady.  However, I like to say that I am like school in the summertime….”no class!”  (I love that phrase and have been waiting to use it forever and not offend anyone personally :))

I have been tagged with a meme from my cheeky monkey over there at Big Binder.  I am supposed to share with my 10 loyal millions of loyal readers (and thank you, everyone.  I couldn’t do this blog if it wasn’t for the millions of you who benefit from my mindless dribble.)  6 of my totally unspectacular quirks.  A difficult task for someone as regimented as me in both mind, body and spirit (note the sarcasm flowing off that last sentence).  But alas, I don’t want to let my fans down so I persevere.

1.)  I can not understand/remember/sing the words to any song correctly.  No matter how right I think I am, I am oh so wrong.  For example, for a long, long, long time I thought part of the lyrics to the song “The Freshman” by The Verve Pipe was “can’t believe we’d ever die, forty cents, we were merely freshmen”.  The actual lyrics are “can’t believe we’d ever die for these sins, we were merely freshman.”  I was kindly (more like mockingly) corrected by my husband who just couldn’t understand why I thought my lyrics made sense for 2 years.

2.)  I am generally not obsessed with cleanliness.  I can stand a little clutter here and there around the house.  However, there is one thing I can not stand.  That would be when the Fisher Price Little People or Diego characters are mixed in with any other toy baskets.  If I see that they are not in their proper home, I have to sit and sort it all out immediately.  It really bothers me.  Not all the toys need to be sorted, just those for some reason.

3.)  I am a picker.  I will pick just about anything.  I will pick your zit (if you let me). I pick my kids nose if I see a booger.  I clean their ears frequently and we have earwax competitions (Anson ALWAYS wins for the most wax.  I am so jealous).  I will pick at anything that will pop, ooze or show bodily gunk.  In elementary school, I received a microscope set for Christmas.  After a while, I had an awesome collection of scabs, fingernail/toenail clippings, ear wax and boogers from everybody in my family.  I thought they were all fascinating things.  And yes, everyone willing gave me my samples after I pestered them enough.

4.)  I don’t like cartoons in general.  I can stand some of the cartoons my kids watch.  But I loathe any cartoon made for adults.  Simpsons, The Family Guy, etc.  Sorry, I detest them all.  I don’t care what they say or if they are funny.  I don’t like them.

5.)  I have to know where an outfit is before I go to sleep at night.  Okay, this one is kind of strange OCDish (as if the others aren’t).  Before I turn out my bedside lamp at night, I have to know where a weather appropriate outfit is in case of a house fire.  I would hate to run out of the house in my skivies and have to wait out in the cold with the neighbors gawking.  I am getting better.  In the past, I would have trouble falling asleep if I didn’t have something sitting out available near the bed.  You really wouldn’t have much time in a fire, you know.  But now, they just have to be readily accessible.

6.)  I love the way new books feel and smell.  I like to touch their pages and smell the fresh ink on the new paper.  Sometimes, I just have to hold a new book a little while before I “break-in” the binding.  My mother feels that books were sacred.  She doesn’t like to take notes in books or highlight in them.  I feel the same way (I hate to admit it, but my mother rubbed off on me).  Studying in college was a little difficult for me because they kept insisting that you highlight everything!  Uggh!  The Humanity!

7.)  Bonus!!!  I have one more…My mutti and I like to talk in German (me) and Dutch (her) when we are out shopping at stores, especially higher end stores.  We feel you get better service if the store’s staff thinks you have enough money to travel the world.  So far, it’s proved to be pretty much true. 

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