Go to fullsize imageI am sad.  Our desktop bombed out a while back and along with it went all of our picture/dvd/movie software.  So, I am left without the ability to post any pictures of my fam for Wordless Wednesday or show you all any other amusing pics from our travels through daily life. 

Of course, you may be grateful for that because I really wanted to post a picture of how my 2 boys have decided to go green.  You may not be aware that we have had a little trouble with them hiding things from us or “telling stories”.  It’s only typical for kids their age (4 1/2 yrs and 3 yrs) to experience huge amounts a little rebellion but I wasn’t prepared for what I found yesterday when I was cleaning their room.

First of all, Zack still wears Pull-ups to bed because he is such a deep sleeper and won’t ever wake up to use the bathroom.  He has been potty trained during the day for a year and a half, but we still struggle with nighttime wettings.  Sometimes he wakes up dry and other times, the bed is soaked.  So we started offering an incentive program of offering a little special chocolate treat (chocolate chips of all things) if he didn’t wet in his pull up.  We went several days with no accidents and Zack received a few treats for his success.

Then, the boys room started to smell a little funky.  I went in to give a really good cleaning which involved pulling the bunkbeds out a little to dust them and changing the sheets.  I immediately came upon the source of the odor.  My dear, sweet, innocent Zack was hiding his soiled Pull-ups behind the headboard of their bed.  It appears that he was changing out of his wet Pull-ups and putting on a new dry one before coming out of his room in the morning.  And here we were so proud of his progress!  The sneaky little bugger!  At least you can’t deny he has excellent problem solving abilities.

As if I wasn’t grossed out enough by this less than hygeinic find, I stumbled upon another stash of goodies.  This one was underneath the fitted sheet of the top bunk.  I was shocked and appalled at my son’s greeness.  It was a huge pile of dried up boogers.  Not just a couple.  A whole little stash.  I could have clogged the vacuum trying to suck them all up.  Thank goodness for mattress protectors.  We were also trying to get Anson and Zack to use kleenexes more regularly for their sniffley noses.  I guess they didn’t want to move too far to get a kleenex because they were just reaching under the sheet to get rid of the greenie meanies. 

Oh why, Oh why do they have to come up with such gross alternatives?  Does this mean I will constantly have to perform daily sweeps of their room for spare bodily fluids?  Can it get any grosser?  I don’t think I want the answer to that 🙂 

PS.  I was not sure if I wanted to post this because a.) you may think I never clean my children’s room and never want to come over again.  b.) you may think my children are cunning little creatures that may corrupt your own spawn.  Obviously, I decided that a little dose of my reality wouldn’t really hurt anyone.  Plus, I do try to clean my house and children fairly regularly so there is no reason to overreact.