Go to fullsize imageAlternately titled, “You can do it.  We can help.”

Alright, I am going to let you in on a little secret. If Tomas saw me writing this, he would grab the laptop and runaway.  He doesn’t find this story as amusing as I do.  Of course, maybe you may not either.  But it has kept me laughing all day.

Tomas woke up this morning (he slept in a little today) and staggered down into the family room where the rest of us had been up for 1.5 hours.  But who was counting.  He was groggy and sleepy eyed.  He plunks his bed-rumpled body on the couch and states, “I just had the weirdest suggestive dream.”  Of course, my interest meter was reading at 100%.  This was going to be good.  “Tell me more!”, I say trying to not appear too eager.

“Well,” Tomas goes on.  “In my dream I was here at home.  You were gone.  The doorbell rings.  When I answer the door.  There stands this good looking women with beautiful long blonde hair.  She was fully dressed (I did have to clarify that myself) and was wearing a Home Depot orange work vest.  She demanded for me to let her in.  She was quite intimidating.  After that I remember nothing.”

“That’s it??” I ask.  Tomas insisted that he didn’t remember anything else.  He just thought it was a very strange dream.  So in my infinite wisdom (I did check out a book on dreams from the library once), I decide to analyze this dream for him.  Here is the interpretation that I presented him.  He really likes women with long blonde hair.  I have shortish dark brown hair, by the way.  So this is his ultimate fantasy, to have a woman who meets his physical ideal come to his house and demand to be with him.  Not only that, he is strongly attracted to women who has the ability to finish all his half done projects around the house. 

“That’s your new fantasy!”, I shout.  “A tall blonde who demands to do all your projects/housework…  I think that makes you officially old.”  He wasn’t too happy or impressed with my interpretation and was adamant that it was not a fantasy type dream.  He just found it odd.  Either way, true or not, keep dreaming buddy.  Last time I heard, Home Depot wasn’t running any type of “handywoman special”, so get work!