to a couple new challenges this month. 

If you look over at my sidebar, you will notice a couple new badges.  One being Gift of Green’s clothesline Challenge which runs for the months May, June and July (perfect timing for Michigan weather).  Where I have bravely committed to being an Advanced participant (line drying for 90% of the time).  What this means is that I will not be using my dryer during the length of this challenge.  We have been avoiding using the dryer for quite sometime now.  I hate to admit it, but Tomas was right.  He began the line drying quite a while ago.  I was at first a little resistant.  I wasn’t sure how it would work out.  Then I remembered that my mom hung almost everything up to dry.  Not because she was a hippie tree hugging lady but because she didn’t want to have to buy so many clothes.  You see, when you line dry your clothes it eliminates a lot of the fading and wash wear that would occur in the dryer.  Bonus!  It has saved us money and it also has helped us consume less energy and clothes which in turn helps the planet.  We are getting green 2 ways here, planet wise and planet wise.

The other challenge is Mamas on the Compact.  I have slowly drifted this way for green purposes but also for financial purposes.  Mamas on the Compact is a commitment to refuse buying new items with the exception of consumables such as food, medicine and personal care items. You may buy used, barter, trade or do without items.  I am pledging to compact for 4 months to start with.  The compact starts at the first of each month, so look for my pledge and updates starting June 1.  This will be interesting seeing as how I know I will be tested many, many, many times.

Here’s hoping that you have a great weekend!  Get out there and get a little dirty with your big green thumb this Memorial Day weekend!