Go to fullsize imageI went to visit my friends at the local nursery again today for more cocoa bean hulls.  MMM!  Chocolate bliss.  Maybe it’s a new diet, if you are craving chocolate you can come over to my house lick my mulch and roll around in it.  (Sorry, that really doesn’t sound quite…right??)  I just had a little bit more of the flower bed to cover up and I wanted to avoid any type of greenhouse/nursery this weekend.

My instincts turned out to be excellent (for once!).  The small parking lot was packed and there was a line at the checkout counter that wrapped all the way back to the perrenial section.  I can’t imagine what tomorrow will hold for business!  So, I wanted to hurry because the kids had to nap yet.  I ran up to the bags of mulch.  A wonderful yound salesman helped put a big bag of cocoa beans on my cart thing.  Then, he asked me a very evil question…”Do you need any flowers/annuals to go with that?  We are having a GREAT sale today.”  Uuugh!  He had me at “Here, let me help you with your cocoa hulls.”  I responded, “Well, maybe just one more flat of annuals.”

I quickly speed walked through the annuals.  Grabbed one flat of verbena.  There done.  Wait, these little tiny wave petunias are so cute!  Grabbed one flat of those.  Yes, I now have 2 flats.  Then I saw some herbs.  They were on sale too.  I mixed some cilantro, lavender, oregano, thyme, and chives to make up a flat.  In only 3 minutes, I have tripled my original spending plan. 

As my back was turned from my cart to search for the best quality herb plants, a woman starts to look over my selections and begins to take some of my annuals. I slap her verbally, slightly scare her, and head for the cashier, grabbing some tomato plants on the way.  (I am going to try growing them in pots on my deck.)  I fork over the cash.  Load up my car and head home.

Once I am home and unloading my garden goodies, I notice that my group of annuals has gotten quite hefty.  This means 2 things: 1.) I have tons of planting to do this weekend.  2.) I have will have a mountain of plastic pots and those black flat containers when I am done. 

I am not so worried about the planting part.  I love methodically digging in and designing my flower beds.  The extra used plastic flower pots bothered me a lot in the past.  I would save and store them forever because I always thought I could find a way to reuse them.  I never did.  The recycling centers usually don’t allow you to put plastic flower pots and containers into the recycling bins.  Thank goodness I found that most greenhouses and nurseries would be ever so grateful if you would kindly return the empty trays and pots for reuse.  It saves money for them and it also saves that plastic from hanging out in the landfill forever.  You can also check with any colleges/universities or high schools in your area to see if they can use them in their teaching greenhouses.  Another option is to use them yourself if you are planning on growing any plants from seed in the relatively near future.  Whatever you do, PLEASE DO NOT throw them away!  There are so many options to repurpose or reuse them.  It would be a shame not to complete this one simple task so we can all wave our big green thumbs around with sustainable pride.