Go to fullsize imageI want to be a Macho (wo) man. 

I want to give everyone out there on a diet plan or serious exercise program a great big round of applause!  Seriously, if you can stick to a diet/exercise regimen you are one great big huge step ahead of me. 

I went to workout for the first time in a little over a week due to first having a garage sale at my house (which also requires more effort than anticipated) and then going to play in Vegas for a week.  Just to let you know what this entails and how difficult this is for me, you one have to know that I am NOT a morning person.  My mother told Tomas before we married something about avoiding talking to me and making eye contact in the morning unless I initiated the interaction.  They are all afraid that I will bite them or something.  Secondly, I am a weakling at the moment.  You might say “weak as a kitten” (I love that phrase for some reason).  I have no core muscles due to having them all ripped apart from 3 back to back pregnancies.  I have absolutely no arm muscle either, never have and maybe never will.

Well, this Body Pump class that I got dragged into by Good Idea Momma (who is rockin’ the exercise program by the way) starts at 6am.  That’s right 6am!  Three mornings a week.  Uuugh, you can bet good money that I have missed a few in the past due to being a slug.  Today, I dragged my tired bum in there grabbed my 3 and 5 pound weights.  I was up to about 10 lbs and one time but I think my muscles have recently decided to stay home in bed when I go to exercise. 

I was so tired today.  I could hardly stand up.  Literally.  Anything that required balance was cause for me to sway and tip over.  Plus, my eyes were all blood shot from spreading that cocoa mulch last night.  The dust that I stirred up got into my eyeballs and they itched all night.  So I tried to stand there, lift my ridiculously heavy 3 lb weights, do my crunches, and not appear drunk or hung over.  I am not sure if was very convincing.  Either way, I made it through without hurting myself or any of the other crazy chipper morning people that go.  Some mornings I have wanted to throw a weight at some smiling happy morning soul who wants to do an extra 10 reps with a 20 lb weight.

To reward my efforts, I stopped at the grocery on the way home and picked up some fresh fruit and veggies donuts and a coffee.  Ha!  I bet you expecting something healthy.  I think if you know me…really know me, you would have guessed donuts though.  I figure it all balances out. 🙂  However, my logic maybe flawed seeing as how my BMI is right on target but my body fat is about 36%. 

As you can see, I am weak in mind and in body right now.  Any other logical person may give up the post workout donut and coffee in the name of health and you would be light years ahead of me in fitness (and will power).  However instead of dropping my donut, I have added another to my routine.  Oh, and another cup of coffee. No, not with skim but half and half.  Please and thank you. 

I will let you know if that body fat percentage ever decreases.  I am probably in a holding pattern right now.  Kudos to anyone who can stick to any regimen for more than a week.  You are my hero.  I would clap for you but I have chocolate and bavarian creme all over my fingers.