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At least that’s what happens when you end up going with your sisters.  Then you hear about it for the next 25 years. 

That’s right, I just got back from a week in Vegas.  I didn’t post our absence on the blog thing because of security purposes.  You know, in case anyone wanted to break into my home and steal my highly valuable collection of dust or something.  I have to say that the vacation was amazing.  It was our first trip to the city that never sleeps.  However, my older sister and husband proved to be worthy travel guides since they are there at least once a month.   I think I almost wore holes into the bottom of my sandals from all the walking we did.

Instead of going on and on and on about my thoughts on Vegas, I thought I would do a quick summary for distant friends/family that read “Look, Mom, Look!”.  So, if you are expecting something really greenie, you may want to turn away right now.  There is very little that is “green” in this City of excess.

First impressions:  OVERWHELMING!  I was so overwhelmed by the number and kinds of people walking around on the strip and it was only 10am when we arrived (little did I know that there was always that many people walking, no matter what time of day).  Then, I almost got lost because I was trying to look at all the elaborate Casinos and buildings while walking down the road.  I did manage to fall down an outdoor escalator at one point because of this.  Tomas and my sibs banned me from escalators for a while when I almost did it again.  Of course, the heat added another element that took some getting used to.  But I only needed a moment to adjust.  I love the heat.

What we did:  We saw almost every casino on the strip (I think.  Most of the time I was just following my sister with my jaw hanging down and a camera held to my face.  I will let you know for sure when I get the pics loaded on the computer.)

 Go to fullsize image   Go to fullsize imageWe stayed at the Mirage where we hit the pool at between 8am-9am every morning.  We would go back to sleep out there once we staked our claim on a few chairs.  One afternoon we took a little time to go through their dolphin and Sigfried and Roy Secret Garden exhibit there.  The dolphins were really cool.  We took another afternoon to see the “Bodies” exhibit.  It was fascinating and right up our alley seeing as how all but one of us was a science major.  Most other afternoons were spent taking a little nap and then walking for hours around to absorb the sheer magnitude of extravagence that this city offers.

Nights were just as busy.  We got dolled up and ate at a fancy place one night.  Saw Cirque de Soleils “Zoomanity” another.  The girls got a little crazy and went to see “Thunder From Down Under“.  Guess who got picked out of the audience to “participate” in a part of the show.  That’s right…me!  I swear, those guys are crazy, never make eye contact unless you really want to be embarrassed.  There’s nothing like being spanked by an almost naked man (it was this guy) who has a killer six pack and an Australian accent. We also got into the Ghostbar, the Playboy Club, and “Moon” all at the Palms.  I think that “Moon” was the most fun because when they opened up the retractable roof above the dancefloor, steam could literally be seen escaping into the night sky from the body heat.  The views from the balconies across the city at night were amazing.  A not so exciting event was the free “pirate show” at Treasure Island Hotel/Casino.  Well, maybe it would have been exciting if we had ever gotten to see it.  It was cancelled everytime (5 times) we went to go see it.  Although, we ended up standing and watching the fountain show in front of the Bellagio for over an hour one night.  There were shows every 15 minutes for that one and we were mesmerized by the way ducks almost got shot with the highly pressurized water every time.  Our spare time was either spent feeding our faces or feeding quarters to the slot machines.

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Go to fullsize imageThe best activity that ever was, was our 1/2 day trip in a helicopter to go and see the Grand Canyon.  We took about 200 pictures on that trip.  It was awe inspiring.  We landed in the Grand Canyon at one point and had champagne and snacks.  My younger sister and I also chased a few lizards.  Tomas about had a seizure he was so excited about the geology and landforms.  Remember, he is a geologist by training but doesn’t get to see much hard rock in Michigan. 

I feel like there was so much more that we did but as Tomas and I try to remember every event, it all gets blurry.  I think we suffered from senses overload.  I think I have now recovered from this exciting but tiring vacation. 

It’ll be back to my real life on Monday!