Go to fullsize imageI love things with sugar.  I am a sugar addict.  Literally.  I crave it.  I love baked goods and will load up on them if they are around and then drift off into a happy shaky sugar coma.  It’s amazing that I am not 400 lbs of sweet love.  There are a lot of people out there who avoid sugar due to dieting, health purposes etc.  Sugar is often substituted with artificial sweetners.  I personally avoid artificial sweetners as much as I can. 

For one if you are going to eat/drink something high in sugar, such as a soda, just have the real thing or none at all.  I feel the same thing about low fat foods.  If you are going to indulge, go big or go home.  Secondly, I avoid artificial sweetners because they make my stomach hurt really bad.  Sharp pains will plague me for hours if I have any.  Logically, if my body (stomach) is telling me it doesn’t like it, it must be bad for my body.  Thirdly, I personally think (for some reason I chose this in my life to be stubborn about) that artificial sweetners are so obviously manufactured and unnatural that they should not be willing poured into your natural body systems. 

To support my stubborness on artificial sweetners, check out these stats on aspartame.  75% of all complaints that the FDA receives are from the ingestion of aspartame for 15 years after it arrived on the market.  It has brough more complaints than any other food additive ever.  Aspartame is also marketed under the names of “Equal”, “Nutrasweet” and “Candarel”.  It is found in approximately 6,000 food and beverages served worldwide.  You would most likely ingest it from softdrinks or in packets on restaurant tables.  However, some other common everyday food items where it is found is in gum and some chewable vitamins.  

What happens when you metabolize aspartame is that aspartame is changed into methanol in your intestines which is then absorbed and changed into formaldehyde.  All of this within your body.  Some experts feel it’s not enough to make a difference.  Others say that adding these chemicals into your body will cause a chronic toxicity over time causing symptoms similar to other chronic diseases.  Then there are others who laugh in the face of all of this and say “NONSENSE!”.  Studies have linked this controversial additive to cancers, neurological diseases, etc but the scientists say that the amount that most people drink shouldn’t really affect them.  And since the experts are still undecided on if it’s really bad for people, we should just wait and see if other symptoms show up.  At least that’s appears to be the overall plan

Hmmm….Since these experts don’t really agree.  I am going to maintain my stubborn stance on this and just use good old regular sugar.  I really don’t like to be a walking science experiment.  Plus, if I gamble on the fact that it won’t cause something weird, I will probably lose.  I also lose when I gamble, so why gamble with my health.  Oh and if you use Splenda….don’t be so sure that’s great either.  It also has a similar back story.  So pour some sugar on me (or rather my Rice Krispies)…in the name of love.  In moderation, of course.