Go to fullsize imageHi MEEPS!  I am so glad that you joined me for my first post on becoming a MEEP (My Everyday Earth Partner as explained here).  We have a great group going!  So far, it’s just me and my cat.  We really need your help to boost this group to the top of the environmental pyramid! 

Our first action today to become Everyday Earth Partners is to really give a big message to non-ecofriendly corporations and manufacturers.  It’s going to be tough.  It’s going to be brutal.  But best of all, it’s going to be stealth.  Those big dogs will never see us coming.

Try and guess what we are going to do?  Nope, we are not going to only shop high end designers who are making $150 dollar organic jeans.  We are not going to throw out all of the non-organic food currently in our cupboards and head to the health food store to buy all new.  We are not going to write letters or prank the CEOs. 

OOOH!  I am so excited, you will never guess!  At least my cat (the only current MEEP to achieve lifetime member status), has not guessed yet.  We are going to do nothing.  That’s right.  NOTHING.  Put your pocket books away.  Don’t run out to that best Earth Day sale ever at Macys.  Don’t drive across town to get your one free reusuable shopping bag and burn a hole in the ozone with exhaust fumes.  Don’t deliver letters to congress people or sit on the computer emailing heart wrenching letters imploring companies to change.  Just stay home.  Stay home and be happy with what you have.  Stop buying crap you don’t need.  Stop worrying about if the tshirt you just bought from Walmart was truly made with recycled material but dyed with a nonplant based dying process.  Just stop.  Our houses are full enough and our lives are full enough of activity.  Earth toxic products only last on the market because people are buying them.

Stay home for one day.  Look at the trees.  Look at the sky.  Pet your cat.  Think about how much you contributed to the environment by just appreciating what you have and not wanting anymore.  Then get up and advise a friend to do nothing as well.  This will start a chain reaction of do nothing-do gooders that will save the earth everyday for the rest of the year.

Thirdly, don’t forget to be MEEP.  My cat and I are really nice and not weird at all.  We would LOVE it if you joined our group.  There are no initiation fees.  Just quiet appreciation.