Go to fullsize imageNormally, I would have a “Wordless Wednesday” post. Today, I obviously did not. “Why?”, you say. I will tell you why. My Wednesday has been anything but wordless. It has been filled with talking and whining and crying and temper tantrums. Well, enough about me…let’s talk about the kids.
They were in rare form today. I had a game board thrown at me and was told that by Zack that I had ruined his whole day just because I wouldn’t let him cheat while playing CandyLand (note: this action sent him to the naughty spot for a very, very long time). The nerve!! I hate that game anyway. I never win. Stupid Licorice guy gets me everytime. And let’s not even talk about my never ending quest to win just one game of Chutes and Ladders. I swear to you that I have never won that game since we have gotten it this past Christmas. Even though I am playing against a 4.5 year old and a 2.5 year old, I can never win! Those blasted slides send me right down to the bottom every time. Zack thinks it’s the funniest thing ever. Me, not so much. You might say he gets his competitive streak from me.
Then, there’s little Gret. Sweet little Gret with her tiger teeth. No nap today. Just a quick little bit of shut-eye on the way home from the Good Idea Momma house after a playdate (seeing as how that drive took 5 minutes, it wasn’t much of a nap).  One would think that a 1 year old vampire (due to her teeth) would want a little sleep during the day.  Not this one.  She wanted to run and whine and then eat cheesecake all day.  Yes, again, she’s just like her mommy and loves the cheesecake.  Thanks Oma for making it at Easter!  It’s my favorite and I realized it’s Gret’s new fav as well since she followed me around growling for more after her first taste.  The sugar did wonders in improving her mood.                     

At this moment you may be wondering what the point of this long winded post may be.  Here it is:  I have declared today “Wordy Wednesday”.  Therefore, I just typed whatever came into my brain because it really doesn’t matter if it makes sense, it just needed to be wordy.  Plus, the large Mocha that I picked up on the way home from grocery shopping at 10pm tonight really has me wired.  If there was anyone awake at my house right now, I would talk to them instead.  But their not and you’re here still reading this longwinded pointless post.  So I will keep typing….see my next post about my grocery hoarding for more words.  Word…to your mutha! (and I mean that in the nicest, best way possible.)