Go to fullsize imageThere are some very strange and disturbing phenomena occurring over here at our house.  The clumsy curse continues.  For those of you who don’t know me in real life, you may not be aware that my family has a little bit of clumsy built into our genetic code.  I am not sure what gene it’s on, but I have found it to be a dominant trait.

This crazy clumsy gene has now appeared in our little Gret.  Somehow, somewhere she has managed to chip BOTH of her top front teeth!!!  I am so angry!  She just got those teeth and they are already chipped.  You can imagine how extremely gapped tooth she looks now since that’s another family trait from mama.  I guess it was her turn seeing as how both of the boys have had chipped teeth for a couple years now.  But man, we didn’t even get a 1 year old picture with her new pearly whites and to top it off, we don’t even know when this occurred!  There has been no blood shed or crying.  She’s obviously a tough little cookie.

So as of today, all 3 of my children have fallen (thank goodness, they all got up) on their faces and have broken teeth.  At least you can see the resemblance between the 3 of them.  All three have smiles that resemble a boxer.  Gret’s smile is the best…2 little nubbins of teeth that are now little sharp triangular daggers.  We’ll have to look at those for the next 6 years, but you can bet that her breast feeding days are seriously numbered right now.  Imagine getting bitten by those pointy things.