Go to fullsize imageWell, I have been working on collecting some information on essential oils and aromatherapy uses.  I get a little bored with the same scents and I really don’t know much about how to mix the different oils together for different uses for baths or cleaning beyond lavendar and tea tree oil.

Anyway, as I was trying to find a good reliable website to reference, my children were playing in the same room.  They were jumping around and acting silly.  When suddenly, Zack “tooted” (a.k.a. farted).  “Uh Oh, Excuse me!” he shouts.  Anson falls on the floor in belly laughs.  Zack continues to jump around laughing as well.  I hear another little stinker slip out.  They both die laughing again.  Meanwhile, I am dying from the aromas.  The pattern continues, Zack expells loud odiferous tooters and they both squeal with laughter.

I decided this is some kind of aromatherapy in itself.  It definitely was a natural scent and it had an emotional response.  I think it’s the cheapest aromatherapy you could ever find for your 4 and 2 yr old boys.  It was really effective in cheering them up and making them feel happy.  However, I caution the user of this method: aromatherapy through tooters does have mixed results.  While the children were rolling on the floor laughing, I was disgusted and passed out from asphyxiation by my computer.  I don’t think that the mixed response was due to age differences because my husband has the same response to tooters as the kids.

Meanwhile, I am still trying to find some recipes for aromatherapy.  I will let you know what I come up with once my mind clears from this methane hangover I am suffering from.  Feel free to try the above method, that is, if you are man enough.