I have this one thing that I think I will be able to have/own when I have made it.  You know when your ship finally comes in you can finally purchase the one thing that you have always wanted.  A symbol of prosperity and success.  For some, it’s a certain car.  For others, it’s a huge house with a butler.  For me, it’s a side by side refrigerator with an ice/water dispenser in the door. 

I have never had one.  As a child, I loved going to friends houses where I could get ice cold water out of that little dispenser in the door.  Tomas and I came close to having it at our first home.  We had a hatch built into our refrigerator door so you could grab beverages without opening the entire door.  How’s that for being green??  But alas, it was not side by side and there was no wonderous dispenser.  I still yearn for that dispenser.  In our next house, the house that we will die in.  I must have an ice/water dispenser in my side by side refrigerator/freezer.

But wait…the dream officially has a new vision.  I was reading a magazine and lookie lookie what I found… A refrigerator/freezer that is beyond compare.  It has European styling (so I can feel extra fancy), produced by a company committed to green initiatives and it is Energy Star rated.  AND that’s not all!  Take a look as to what I can get out of this door….side-by-side.gif  I know the picture is small but instead of water, I can have wine.  34 bottles of it!!  Stored at perfect temperature with 2 different climates zones for storing and bottles ready for my (and my wine drinking friends) drinking pleasure!  Now that’s really livin’!  Forget the ice chips, there’s a new side by side in town. 

On a side note, it does have 5 different climate zones which can be user customized.  This pretty little gem also has a BioFresh Techonology that keeps fruits, veggies, and meats fresh up to 3 times longer.  That’s really cool too…but check out that drink dispenser.  Party at my place in 10 years when I have finally made it to the deluxe apartment in the sky.  We can stand around my side by side and fondly admire one years worth of salary in the shape of a big box