Go to fullsize imageMama (a.k.a. Martha) Stewart has done it again!  Yes, the great visionary of our times has thoughtfully jumped on the Green Initiative Bandwagon (just like every other marketing pro).  I am sure that she is doing it just to save the planet and that it has nothing to do with revenues or the bottom line or anything financial at all. 

Anyway, she has come out with a set of “Green” Cookware.  Yippee!  I have been looking at cookware for years and years.  We happen to be using the set of pans that my in laws used for years.  They got a new set and gave us their old one when we were first married 10 years ago.  Needless to say, we could stand to purchase a new set.  However, I have gone back and forth as to what I want.  I love the nonstick of teflon.  Hate the questionable chemicals being released into my food.

So, I think I have my answer here.  Her new cookware has a nonstick surface that is not supposed to release any harmful chemicals like teflon.  And they really don’t seem too pricey.  They are available at Macy’s.  You can follow this link to take a look.  Love you Martha!