Go to fullsize imageI think craft stores were made to taunt me and my family.  I like to feel crafty and sometimes think that I really can be a little creative in my handywork.  So, I tend to frequent the local craft stores.  Which means that my children usually go with me, because they are strapped to my body about 24/7.  Not always by choice.  Sometimes I wish that I was born a praying mantis so I could eat my young.  (I actually believe they eat their mates, and sometimes I would like to do that too.)

Anyway, yesterday was a craft store day.  I took the kids after preschool to pick up some more yarn.  I taught myself to crochet the other day (or at least that’s what I think I am doing by tying all kinds of knots in yarn) and I needed to get some more yarn for this cape I started.  Don’t ask me why a cape, I don’t really know.  It’s making me laugh though, a cape, I am sure it will be beautiful. 

I digress again, I went to the craft store, Hobby Lobby to be exact, with the kids.  Did I mention that I have 3 kids all 4 yrs old and younger??  Do any of you remember the time Security was called in by the staff at Michaels because of my children?  Am I crazy?  Yes, I am.  We get to the store and of course, they just want to go home.  They whine and fret, so I do what any other great mom would do.  I bribe them.  I bribe them with craft store junk  goodies.  They could get a “treat” if all 3 of them get through the store to get mommy’s yarn. 

We go into the store and the carts if you recall are so small here that no child could possibly ride in it.  I still have Gret in the car seat, so I balance that on the cart and cut a path straight to the yarn.  On the way, we pass a display of foam airplanes that promise to fly up to 30 feet.  Yippee, they are cheap and I let the boys each pick one out.  They are so happy and we have now made it to the yarn section.

I take a moment to pick out the kind of yarn that I need and as I do so, I see Zach fling his airplane up into the air.  It takes it’s magical flight right over top of 2 tall sets of display shelves and into another aisle.  Yep, 30 feet.  That’s about right.  At about the time it lands I hear 2 women shriek, “Whoa!  Oh my gosh, what the heck is that?  Watch out!  Where’d that come from?”

I am SO embarrassed.  Zach looks at me with big eyes as if to say, ” What now?”  I don’t want to go and see whose eye my child almost poked out.  My choice, I sent my 4 year old to go retrieve his own plane (he needs to learn the consequences of his actions anyway :))  He meekly runs to get it.  I stay in my place and wait.  He quietly comes back with his plane. 

“Did you see 2 ladies?”  I whisper.

“Yes,” Zach says, “They were right by my plane”.

“Let’s go”, I say, thinking we could hurry before I actually have to face the women.  But, too late.  They come looking for me.  They look around the end cap and I humbly smile at them.  The women shake their heads and leave me to my pack animals, my yarn, and my embarrassment. 

Now, if only I would learn my lesson and keep away from craft stores.  I just can’t stop myself from trying to go there with the kids.  They keep taunting me.  Perhaps, when I pass on to the great big prairie in the sky, you will remember these stories and suggest that my headstone simply state, “Here lies Stacey.  Wife, Mother and Friend.  At Least She Tried…”