Go to fullsize imageAlright, here’s a “bad mommy” story for you.  I bought some cute suncatcher kits for the kids to make during these boring winter days.  You know, the kind that has the metal form and you put little plastic pieces in the different areas.  Then you put them in the oven so the pieces melt into a beautiful colorful suncatcher.  I am sure that you have all done this before, but probably not when you were a toddler and probably not with your toddlers.  And that’s why you would be much, much smarter than I.

Well, the boys were getting a little nutzy yesterday and I brought out the suncatcher kits.  They were so excited.  Anson had one with dolphins and Zach had one with Planets and stars.  The kits promised that the suncatcher would even glow when finished.  We couldn’t wait!!  I put out the forms on a baking sheet and put the little plastic beads in separate dishes according to color.  We began our crafty quest in good form.  Zach was very particular to put the yellow beads in the stars.  Anson was putting the blue beads approximately in the areas for water on his.  Then Zach mixed together all the red and yellow beads.  I turned around to sort through some things on the counter.  Anson mixed together all of his colors into one dish and was piling them onto his form.  I decided I would fix that just before I put it in the oven or it would take 5 hours to melt.  I turned away again, they were doing great!  I could even read some mail while they were finishing up this great little activity.  Then I heard Anson exclaim, “UMM!  Yummy Sprinkles!”  

“Oh yes, it’s very yummy, isn’t it!” I reply.  Wait!  There were no yummy sprinkles out.  They aren’t decorating cookies.  I quickly turn around only to see heaping mounds of plastic beads on their suncatcher forms and millions of blue plastic beads clinging to Anson’s smiling lips! Yummy Sprinkles!  Oh my goodness!!  My son is eating tons of blue plastic glow in the dark beads!  On my watch! 

I jump over to Anson and try to pry his mouth open.  A bunch of the little beads fell out but his tongue is still covered with them.  They stick there and I try to get him to spit them out.  Instead, he clenches his jaw shut and swallows.    Yummy!  I try not to panic.  “Stick out your tongue!”, I demand.  Anson complies, but too late!  All the blue beads have disappeared into his belly.  I wait a second and he doesn’t choke.  At least that danger is done.  I pick up the packaging to look at the toxicity hazards.  It says to avoid swallowing and that it is recommended for 8+ years of age.  I guess that you have to be 8 years old to understand that they are not edible blue sprinkles.  I guess it’s also a good idea to follow the package recommendation for age appropriateness. 

I ended up putting the mixed up plastic bead covered suncatchers in the oven and the results weren’t too bad if you ignore the unrealistics colors for the scenes.  As for Anson, we sit and wait.  There were not immediate side effects from the glow in the dark blue plastic beads.  He didn’t glow in the dark when we put him to bed.  He didn’t become ill.  We just keep hoping that the pretty glowing blue sprinkles will reappear in the next day or two after they pass successfully through his system.  A glowing diaper may prove to be just as entertaining for him as making the suncatchers themselves.