Go to fullsize imageI have a problem.  It starts at my toes and slowly creeps up to the top of my head.  It’s really dry skin.  I get itchy, I get rough around the edges, and now I have finally cracked.  My feet have cracked that is.  I don’t know who else has this problem.  I apply lotion everyday.  Not just the lightweight flimsy lotion, but the thick almost globby fatty with grease lotion.  And still, nothing.  So, I have turned to my own devices.  I found this recipe for a wonderful foot scrub.  I thought I would share it with my fellow greenies.  One because it’s natural, and two because it’s cheap.  Especially since strawberries are on sale this week at our local grocery.

Here it is!  Find some time to mix up the scrub and pamper your tootsies to prevent the winter scratchies.  The fruit acids are supposed to soften calluses and rough skin.  And the coarse salt exfolliates.

2 tablespoons olive oil

2 teaspoons coarse salt

8 fresh strawberries

footbrush or scrubby (optional)

Hand and body lotion

Directions:  Stir together oil and salt.  Add strawberries and mash together with a fork until it’s blended but somewhat chunky.  Rub in the mixture in a circular motion with either a foot scrubby or your hands.  Pay special attention to your calluses and heels.  Rinse off your feet and put on lotion followed by a pair of comfy socks.  Relax!!