“Tons of Change Thursday”

Tweenie’s Greenies: Thursday Edition 

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Does anyone else out there have this affliction?  I see something I like, be it jewelry, home accessories/decor, or clothing and I think to myself “I’m not going to buy that!  I can make that!”.  So, I look carefully at it.  Hold the item, study it, and sometimes stand in a store or at a friends house drawing pictures of it or taking notes.  I get home and put it on my list of “to dos” and then nothing 🙂

First of all, I don’t have much “training” in the domestic ways.  Second of all, I have three children, three pets, a busy husband, and extracurricular activities that keep me overly chaotic scheduled.  Where would I fit in another project?  Thirdly, by the time I research how to make something, buy all the materials to make it and then buy them all again because I really screw it up the first time around, I could have probably bought it for half of the price.  So, you can imagine the conflict between my logical mind and my emotional mind when I saw this wonderful crafty way to recycle sweaters into usable household decor.

I already have an obsession with wool and it’s uses to create primitive hooked rugs (one of my hobbies) and love all the artsy things you can do with wool felt.  Now, I have found another type of project to try using recycled wool sweaters.  I found this idea in Natural Home Magazine.  It’s on page 34 of their January/February edition.  I couldn’t find a picture of their beautiful project but your goal is to get a rug that looks something like this: (The rug in the magazine is beautiful stripes of tan, soft blues, whites and yellows. This example below is just bits and pieces of recycled wool put together)

knit rug

Your goal is to cut old sweaters into strips to be KNIT together to make a nice warm floor rug.  Just another way to give new life to textiles and prevent them from going immediately into a landfill.  Plus if you use your own old wool sweaters, you will save money because you will have spent nothing to get that perfect rug for in the kitchen or in front of the fireplace.  Thus saving you “Tons of Change” (if it’s not obvious, that’s how I am tying in this crafty idea to my regular Thursday posts.  I just really wanted to share this idea.  I am so excited!)

Here’s the simplified steps, please purchase the magazine for more details:

1.) For a 18 by 24 inch rug, gather 4 or 5 100% wool sweaters. Felt them in the washing machine.  This will make them dense, tight, and resistant to ravelling or fraying.

2.) Start at the bottom of each sweater and begin to cut a fabric strip about 1 1/4 inches wide.  Spiral up the sweater to make one continuous strip of “yarn”.  Keep going until you hit the underarms, then spiral up each sleeve.

3.)Using Extra-Long size 19 knitting needles, cast on 20 to 24 stitches.  Work a simple stockinette stitch, alternating colors to make a pleasing pattern.  Finish when it is your perfect size.  Cast off and weave in fabric ends.

4.)  Add fringe with cut wood strips if desired.