Take Good Care of my Baby”

Tweenie’s Greenies: Tuesday Edition

This is going to be a crazy and short post seeing as all of my children have gone viral on me.  One even has pneumonia.  We discovered that after a quick trip to the ER last night.  Hopefully, everyone is on the mend now with the help of modern medicine.

Being home today has reminded me that sometimes TV can be a wonderful thing.  How do you keep a 2 year old quiet and laying on the couch for an hour?  Start up a couple of age appropriate shows.  My new favorite show and don’t ask me why is Yo! Gaba Gaba.  If you have not watched it yet.  Do so, please!  I usually find myself dancing around the room and singing if it’s on the tube.  The characters are crazy but the messages and songs are fun and catchy.  Here’s a clip of a great little song talking about eating healthy.  My boys love to sing it and they will even eat their carrots and beans if we make it fun to act out with this song.

So there you have it…that’s my lame’o post for the day.  Now back to the urchins.