Go to fullsize imageI give!  I have caved in to the blog pressures of my good buddies!  I tried to resist but I hate to admit that they are right!  Yes, I confess, my buddies over at Big Binder and Diaper Diaries have convinced me that a weekly schedule would help keep me focused when blogging.  If you haven’t noticed, I sometimes lack structure and direction.  Can you believe that?  Ha, Ha, I know that you totally believe it because if you are a regular reader of this blog you will know that a few days will go by and nothing.  Nothing posted, nothing gained.  Life is busy, but I love to sit and focus on my blog to work out some creative juices.  That sounds kind of gross doesn’t it?

Anyway, I have decided to come up with a daily schedule for my blog.  I have been intensively researching my green resources for ideas to green my home.  There are so many areas of my life to “green up”!  I can’t believe how many little inexpensive changes I can still do!!  I want to share with you what these are.  So I decided to change the format of my blog to daily topics instead of weekly.  That way each day we can all notice a little something we can do to change the world.  I am so excited!  Here is my weekly line up as it stands right now:

Monday:  “My Home Sweet Home”   The posts for this day will include all sorts of things you can change around your home to lead a greener life.  I really want to focus on this area because this is where the biggest visable change can be made for me.  If I green up this area, I will be impacting the lives of at least 4 other people (my family).

Tuesday:  “Take Good Care of My Baby”  I just recently focused on this area and found so much information that it appears to be endless.  I decided to make it it’s own day and go with it since I am a mom by trade.

Wednesday:  “Wordless Wednesday” and “Works for me Wednesday”  I love doing these posts because it allows my friends and family to get a glimpse of my family and life in a fun way.  I hope that you enjoy them as well.

Thursday:  ” Tons of Change Thursday”  The focus of these posts will be ways in which you can decrease the cost of running your life and home by making green changes.  I don’t have a generous budget being a stay-at-home mom and going green can actually decrease your budget and save you money.  I will be including energy saving tips and other ways to lower the output from your wallet.

Friday:  “Feed Me Friday”  What would a green blog be without the occasional post about eating healthy and supporting the green movement.  I am so excited about this because not only will I be helping the local producers but also improving my health!

Saturday:  “Stress Release Saturday”  Hey, you need at least one day of relaxation so I will keep this the same topic as it has been in the past.

Sunday:  “Save the World Sunday”  I will link to a couple websites or articles that focus on the state of the world around us and how we can make the world a better place.  I won’t have a ton of writing on this day because I still believe that Sunday should be a day of rest.  I need to catch up on things at home (like sleep) before Tomas goes back to work for the week and leaves me with the crazy kids for 5 days.

Anyway, I hope to stick with this “rigorous” schedule.  Don’t shame me if I don’t!  I hate to make plans and then have them fall through.  But I think it’s a great way to go green on several levels at the same time!  Oh, and don’t worry. I will still be posting my random thoughts and stories along the way.  I know that you were all really worried about that 🙂