WFMWAlright, I admit.  This is not my original idea.  I learned this very cool idea just today and I loved it so much that I rewrote (or should I save saved for another WFMW) my original post for WFMW.  Here it goes, I will pass this on to you.

I have a very stubborn and moody 2 year old.  I know you are thinking “Duh, when is a 2 year old not prone to severe mood swings and tantrums?”.  Well, pretty much never.  I think that the age of 18 months to 26 months is one of the hardest ages to deal with as a mother.  They have an opinion.  They want you to know it.  But they can’t express it with words.  So they use other means, such as screaming or throwing toys across the room.  They head butt (or is that just my 2 year old?).  I wish I could just give him the verbal tools to express himself.  Once they seem to have those skills, life gets so much better.

Well, I listened to a Music Therapist talk today about ways music can help your child communicate with you.  When your child is angry, frustrated, sad or confused but can’t explain these feelings to you, give them some musical instruments to help express their feelings.  Preferrably something that they can hit together such as rhythm sticks or a drum.  If you are daring you could use cymbals.  Encourage them to play their music for as long as they want and with as much emotion as possible.  It will allow them to feel heard and understood.  And just imagine what a great feeling that is for a child!!

One instrument that I really liked is called the boomwhacker.  They are plastic shaped tubes of different length that make individual musical notes.  Your kids can hit them on the floor or any other acceptable object and they will create beautiful music.  Okay, maybe it will be just a bunch of noise but it will be music to their ears because all those negative feelings will be “whacked” away in a positive manner.

What can beat that?  You kids will feel heard, valued and will eventually become musical prodigies?  It works for me…as always on Wednesday.