Stress Release Saturday

If you read my previous post, you know that I had a somewhat stressful week.  Today, I decided to perform my own therapy.  My usual haunt for destressing is the flower beds around our house.  They are nothing awe inspiring, but I love that I can form a plan for how I want them structured and then follow that plan until completion.  Great for the control aspect of my personality.  Gardening also allows me to dig, hit, and rip things apart without guilt.  Truly a stress release.  Seeing as how I have about a million different plans for my gardens and that these plans vary from year to year, my gardens are definitely always a work in progress. 

Today, I decided that I was going to rearrange and add rocks to a couple of my front flower beds.  My in-laws came by a couple nights ago and dropped off a bunch of rocks for this purpose.  You would have thought they had brought me a bag of gold, I was so excited!  Rocks are outrageously expensive if you actually purchase them and I can’t bring myself to buy a rock so I mooch them off of other people.  I even have my hubby bring them home from work sites when he goes out into the field (a benefit of being married to a geologist). 

Anyway, to make a long story short.  I left the kids inside with Tomas and I ventured into the front yard.  What I accomplished is pictured below.  rocks

end rocks

 My stress releasing rock moving took about 2 hours.  Not because it was such hard work but I decided it would be in my best interest not to hurry the process.  I took a maximum of 2 rocks at a time from my pile at the side of the house.  One in each hand.  I evaluated each one for color, form and function.  Carefully lining up each rock, I was lost in thought.  I forgot about my troubles and woes and focused on these rocks.  I could have hurriedly used a wheel barrow to cart them over to the flower bed and slapped them down.  But that would have been more about production and not about enjoying this simple physical task.  By the end of it, I was satisfied and happy.  I felt like I had figuratively lined up my life and put it back into order.  I felt good!!  But I knew that I could feel even better, so I went inside and scooped a HUGE bowl of icecream.  Now, I am insanely happy and ready to begin blogging anew.  Watch out!