WFMWGo to fullsize imageHave you ever read the book, “The Secret Life of Bees”?  We read it for our book club a while back and it reminded me that I like honey, which in turn renewed my obsession for tea.  I used to drink tea by the buckets instead of coffee or other beverages such as juice or soda.  But, since the kiddos I have strayed over to the coffee table once again.  I have to say that I have felt this on my body.  Too much caffeine, not enough soothing.

I think that tea is the best natural medicine that you can easily find and make.  How hard is it?  You heat up some water to boiling (hmmm, my roommate in college had never boiled water before, hopefully you have) and throw a tea bag in to steep.  Then a little bit later, you remove the tea bag and put it into your little tea bag holder (you have to have one if you drink tea).  Then you drink from a cute little tea cup with your pinky extended while you eat scones.  Well, you don’t do the pinky thing but I like to.  It makes me feel rich and important.

The beauty of tea is that it has many healthful properties depending on the type.  Green Tea has wonderful antioxidants (EGCG) that contributes to protecting your cardiovascular and neurological systems.  Mint tea is great for calming the stomach.  Camomile is excellent for relaxation.  Rasberry leaf is great for reproductive health in women.  The health options are literally endless and if you don’t like a flavor, it’s cheap enough to buy another kind that works for you. 

I personally swear by tea for improving my mood.  There’s nothing more comfy than curling up with a great cup of tea and a good book on the couch.  I also think that green tea with lemon and honey is better than any cough syrup when you are battling throat irritation or cough.  Ask others what tea tastes good and works for them.  It works for me…as always on Wednesday.

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