Tweenie’s Greenies

Week 4:  Take Good Care of My Baby

You need a quick bottle for your hungry and whiney baby.  You hurry into the kitchen or reach into your diaper bag, grab a quick can of ready to use formula.  Pop it open.  Fill the bottle.  Put the bottle into your little ones mouth and successfully expose them to harmful cancer causing chemicals. 

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That’s right, another doom and gloom cancer causing chemical story from good old Look, Mom, Look!  I’m sorry, that’s all I got right now for this Baby edition.  In trying to green my baby without them actually turning green, I have just come across countless items/ingredients that are suspected carcinogens.  I do often question just how reactionary I should be to these frightening reports, but I will do whatever I can to limit my child’s exposure to potential toxins.  It’s the nurturer in me.  I don’t want my children to be unnecessarily ill and therefore, I am spurred on to a hypervigilant state.  Although, this does little good for my anxiety issues.  Next thing you know, my family will be living a “green lifestyle” here and I will be sitting pumped full of anti-anxiety meds at a “special home” just for me.

Anyway, back to this story….Did you know that there is a potential cancer causing chemical in cans of ready-made or concentrated formula.  Well, guess what??  There is.  Yippee Skippee.  From what I understand it is not in the powdered cans of formula, only the liquid varieties.  A plastic chemical called BPA is used in the formula can linings and it leaches into the formula.  This chemical has been known to cause nasty reproductive problems.  And how about some little behavioral or neurological issues to go along with that? 

Even if the scientific community is still questioning this, at least we can simply avoid giving our babies ready-serve formula from a can.  Just another argument of why boobs are best for babies.  Which is just perfect since I can’t get Gret to take a bottle for the life of me anyway 🙂

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