“meijer naturals”I posted a while back about finding Fabric Softener by Meijer that was “natural” and really cost effective.  Well, I have been using it for about a week or two and here’s what I think:

I think that I wouldn’t necessarily buy it again.  I like the ingredients but I bought the Lavender scent and it is really strong.  I normally like lavender, but as the smell “ages” in your closet and dresser after the clothes have been washed in it, it turns really funky.  Yesterday, I kept smelling myself wondering what the heck happened.  I thought my BO had turned into a nasty bad herbal scent.  I am not sure if a different scent would be better than this.

Also, just a warning for the Natural All Purpose Cleaner.  I think I might have fallen into the label trap.  I didn’t read the list of ingredients fully.  When I read them now, it seems very vague.  Such as saying “Nature Derived Cleaning Agents” or “Quality Control Agents”.  Then there are the “Nature Derived Fragrances and/or oils”.  Hmmm…..keeping in mind that there is no control over the term Natural or Nature, I question why it’s so vague.  Seems like they might be hiding something.  On the upside, it does claim to be dye free, non-toxic and no petroleum based cleaners.  This one also smells great (Lemongrass scented). 

SO choose wisely my friends!  I am off to find a more nose friendly natural fabric softener.