Before children, my lingerie bag had a beautiful life.  Always useful, I used it almost everytime I did our wash for “my personals”.  It felt wanted and needed. It had a purpose.  After I had our first child, the lingerie bag was used a little less often.  After the second child, it started to become covered with dust on the shelf in the laundry.  Then after the third child, I completely forgot about it all together.

It wasn’t until my always wise and observant mother noticed I was getting frustrated with my laundry chore, that the lingerie bag found it’s way back into our everyday life.  She was over helping with Gret a couple weeks after she was born.  I was trying to catch up on the mountains of laundry that had accumulated since I had come home from the hospital.  We were just a picture of womanly bliss, a mother, her daughter, her granddaughter, all circled around folding laundry.  Until, I lost it and started yelling profanities about the loss of yet another baby sock. 

You see, I simply can’t stand losing my children’s socks but it happened all the time when I did their wash.  I would throw them in as a pair and somewhere in the shuffle, only one sock out of the pair would make it out alive.  Those itsy bitsy infant socks are the worst.  They disappear like a donut in my kitchen (and you know how I LOVE donuts).

Calmly, my mother said “Stace, why don’t you just put them all into a lingerie bag so they stay together?”  Duh.  Thanks mom for pointing out the almost obvious 🙂 I quickly went downstairs to resurrect my red-shirted lingerie bag.  So next time I threw a load with child socks in the washer, they were in my lingerie bag.  And guess what?  When I emptied the dryer, all the socks were there in a nice little package waiting to be paired and put away.  That’s just one more little annoyance removed from my everyday household chores (okay, so I don’t do laundry everyday in reality, but it sounds good).

That’s why my lingerie bags still have a life after children and that’s why it Works for Me (on Wednesday).Go to fullsize image