Go to fullsize imageWe spent most of the afternoon on the beach today at a local park.  It was amazing and wonderful.  Surrounded by their friends, my kiddos tired themselves out by running and jumping in the sand and water for hours. 

Unfortunately, unlike Vegas, what happens at the beach does not stay at the beach.  The beach follows you home by hiding grains of sand in every nook and cranny of the toddler body.  There is nothing like trying to scrub down a tired little one in the tub after a long tiring day.  You are tired.  The kids are tired.  Everyone is either whining, crying, or fighting (or all of the above).  Such was our bath night. 

Anson as always, was the most vocal.  After being in the bath for all of 2 minutes, he wanted out.  “Out, Yes.  Out, Yes!!!!” is what I kept hearing over and over and over and over again.  No matter how I tried, he wouldn’t give in but just got louder.  So, I quickly soaped, shampooed and scrubbed the beach away the best I could.  I grabbed a towel, dried him off, and put a diaper on him.   Anson took off happily running finally free of the bath to go and play.  I went to find him some jam-jams (our family word for pjs) in his room.  “This is turning out better than I thought”, I said to myself  in a moment of self affirmation.  “Everyone is bathed and dry.  No one is crying.  I can put the kids in bed and maybe read a book on the deck before it gets dark.”

Ha!  What a lark!  In the minute it took me to think this lovely thought, I lost track of Anson.  I call his name and begin to look for him.  I hear him in the bathroom, still happy and splashing.  But wait….splashing???  I run around the corner.  Anson puts his hands in the air and yells “Surprise!!!”.  He is sitting proudly in the tub of dirty sandy bath water, that I had yet to drain with his diaper ON.  I tell him, “Anson! Out, yes, out!”.  He responds, “No way, Mom! No WAY!!!”  Great, we’re back at square one.  I decided tonight after getting all the kids tucked in to bed 1 hour later than I planned, that selfishly maybe I don’t like surprises anymore.