Go to fullsize imageI heard voices shouting “Mom!  Mom!  Come look!”  I heard the stumbling of little feet.  I heard crashing and giggling.  I saw scotch tape everywhere.  They had found my stash of “sticky tape” the other day.  I thought I had confiscated all of it but I guess I missed a few rolls a little bit.  As I looked down the stairway, I still couldn’t find the boys.  Then Anson appeared from around the corner.  He is giggling hysterically and if you have ever heard him giggle, it’s a beautiful thing.  I can now see what caused the crashing, stumbling and giggling.  He has put the sticky tape over his eyelids, taping his eyelids shut.  As he tries to walk around, he crashes into the stairway, then the walls.  He is laughing a big belly laugh now.  I look around the corner to see the instigator, his big bro, Zack.  He is holding the tape dispenser and is laughing just as hard.  What a team!  I think to myself that they will always be best friends, even if one of them sends the other to the hospital after one of their great ideas.