Sarah, over at Ordinary Days , has a great challenge for all of those participating in the Hot Mama Revolution.  Her challenge is to get rid of one article of clothing that is not moving you toward or contributing to your hot mama side. 

Well, this could not have come at a better time.  I am trying to purge as many items from our house as possible and my closet is next.  I tend to get a little attached/comfortable in my clothes and therefore, keep them for obscene amounts of time.  For example, I am just getting rid of a coat that I got as a senior in high school.  I saved and saved to buy that coat and I am so sad to give it up.  But this week, I am going to finally get rid of my maternity/nursing pajamas that I have had for over 4 years now.

I have been wearing these lovely panels of material since the end of my first pregnancy.  I am still wearing them.  They are not cute and far from sexy.  The realization of how unattractive they are came when Zack said to me “Mom, you look just like Grandma.”  I was wearing the pink pjs with flowers all over them.  Does Tomas think that he is sleeping with his mother?  Don’t go there, right?  Anyway, that pushed me into thinking, maybe those pjs aren’t making me beautiful.  I am not having anymore kiddos, what’s holding me back?  So, away they go! 

Now, all I just have to get rid of my drawstring waisted pants that look like I tied a brown potato sack around my body.  Hmm, they’re so comfy…maybe next year. 🙂