wedding memeI have been tagged with “The Marriage Meme” by Summersnook!  I just realized this after reading her post about let’s see….hmmm…a week ago.  (I read it and thought wow, that’s cool and then went to bed.  Not too smart because now it’s a week later.)  Sorry it took me so long but here it goes! 

Eight Things About My Marriage:

1.  I have been married for 10 years.

2.  I have known my husband since the 7th grade. That’s about 20 years now!  I thought he was a nerd then and he thought I was well….let’s just say, “not so nice”.

3.  We got married on the day my husband graduated from college.  He had to walk on a different date.

4.  I truly married my best friend.  Even when we weren’t dating, we were friends and hung out with the same people.  We tell each other everything.

5.  We didn’t go on a honeymoon (and hope to this year, FINALLY!)  We were too poor at the time and then life took over.

6.  We constantly tease each other and play practical jokes.

7.  We are total opposites in many ways.  Except for looks.  Examples:  He never yells.  I tend to be “louder”.  I hate to read directions.  I like to just try things out first.  He breaks out in a sweat from panic if he loses instructions/directions.  But when we have gone to events, people have asked him if I was his sister.  Needless to say, we tend to balance each other quite well.

8.  We both have a hidden spontaneous/artsy sides to us.  Before kids, we would take off on a whim.  Such as drive across country to Colorado for the weekend to visit friends.  We decided to go on Wednesday night.  We left the next day.  Pulled back into town to go to work on Monday.  He has poetry that has been published.  He likes to write songs.  I have tried painting, drawing, fabric art, writing and many other things. 

When he proposed he gave me a prism and a poem which he wrote about how I was a prism and brought color and vibrance into his life.  10 years later, the words he wrote still hold true for us, we make life colorful for each other (and hopefully our kids).

Alright, I got through the list.  I would like to officially tag the following people (I am just picking from my blogroll so don’t think I am a stalker, please!):  The Diaper Diaries  , Adventure Mom, Gift of Green, Green Mommy Thoughts, Big Binder, Good Idea Momma