wfmwFive months into raising child number three, I still don’t know if I am qualified to hand out any advice on parenting.  I mostly feeling like I am flying by the seat of my pants when it comes to raising my kids.  However, I did have a big “AHA!” moment when I was potty training Zack.  Actually, it was after I thought I had potty trained Zack. 

In my haste to get him to tinkle in the toilet, I forgot to teach him to pull down his own pants and underwear.  He would say he had to go and then I would rush him to the toilet, pull down his pants, and put him on the potty.  I was just going on natural instinct and helped him with it all.  Well, it’s been officially a year since we started potty training.  He will go on the toilet just fine.  It’s pulling down his own pants that he refuses to do.  Zack is so used to having this done for him that he throws a fit if we don’t do it for him or just stands by the toilet yelling for help.  He will even wet his pants because he refuses to do it himself.  Not fun at all if you have two younger kids to take care of as well.  He knows how to put on his pants, he does it just fine for other people.  But not for mom or dad.  Can you say “stubborn”??

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So, my advice to all parents out there:  Do NOT make a habit of helping your toddler pull down their pants when potty training.  Be sure they can easily pull their own pants up and down before you begin toileting (There you go, Good Idea Momma.  I said toileting :)) .  Make this part of their potty routine and you won’t have to deal with tantrums and wet pants one year later.  (Well, in theory you should be tantrum and wet pants free.  I offer no guarantee when you have unpredictable toddlers.)