“Kashi Cookie”I recently came across a great cookie while shopping at Costco.  I have tried them many times and would like to report that they are “Root Tootin’ Good”. 

They are Kashi’s Oatmeal Dark Chocolate TLC Cookies.  Kashi makes great foods with no artificial additives or preservatives and does not use highly refined sugars.  Made with rolled oats and chunks of dark chocolate,these cookies pack a tasty punch of nutritious fiber.  I am a cookied fanatic and I was uncertain as to how these would fill my sweet tooth cravings.  Surprisingly, they filled my chocolate needs very well.  They also contain 3g of dietary fiber, which make them especially root tootin’ good.  Just ask Tomas after I ate 3 of them in one sitting.

I highly recommend these for a more nutritious alternative to the standard cookie.  I do caution that my kids did not think they were particularly fun to eat.  They were a little too “grainy” and “flakey” for them to eat.  The cookie just kept falling apart as my kids manhandled them.  Perhaps, this is a good adult treat to stash in the cupboard for after the kids go to bed.  I put them right next to where I hide the mini-powdered donuts 🙂