Tweenie’s Greenies

Week 3: Eat It, on Purpose

Well, with a bit of a late start to the week, we begin the third leg of the greening business.  That plastics bit last week was tough for me.  I was a little overwhelmed by the amount of plastic in my house and there was so much info to browse and make me paranoid that honestly, my brain turned into plastic goo.  And speaking of plastic goo, that brings me to this weeks attempt to further green my house and family.  This week, I am focusing on food choices and preparation for our house.  I have been looking forward to this because I think I can save money doing some changes and also, become healthier overall as a family. 

One item in my kitchen that really scares me is the microwave.  Yes, I know how to use it.  It’s that black box in my kitchen with all the buttons that can quickly pop organic popcorn for the kids and defrost my cage free chicken in about 8 minutes.  But, I have recently found out that using my microwave may be changing my healthful foods into unhealthful hazards.

“microwave oven”

I am not saying to throw all your microwaves out the door and into the trash, but just consider this.  In 1989 a number of warnings were released about warming your babies bottle in the microwave.  No, it wasn’t only hot spots that officials were concerned about.  They also found that heating bottled milk (breast or formula) in a microwave either at a low or high setting resulted in a loss of vitamins or destruction of protective properties (Minnesota Extension Service).  Further studies indicate that food does change on a molecular level when cooked/reheated in a microwave.  There is speculation that this “changed” food can change our bodies, particularly molecules in our blood for the worse. 

Although, there are no absolute answers as to whether or not microwaves really cause harm to us.  I will tend to the more cautious side.  I had heard not to stand in front of a cooking microwave when I was pregnant because it could harm the baby.  Why would I be okay to stand in front of one without a baby?  Wouldn’t it hurt my body too? 

I hardly ever use the microwave because things just taste wierd after cooking in there. Mostly, I just really suck at cooking things in the microwave (Well, cooking in general but especially microwaving).  My hot dog that I had to cook in the microwave for 8th grade home ec class looked like a long raisin when it was done.  I failed that assignment and have avoided cooking in it as much as I can.  It even bothers me that I would “nuke” something in my highly efficient black box.  I am tempted just to get rid of that thing all together.  I would, except I would have to start defrosting things ahead of time, instead of last minute on “high” for 8 minutes.  And I would have to use the stove.  Which I am also not the best at.  Hmmm…what to do.  Maybe I will just go over to Big Binder’s house.  She’s always cookin’ up something tasty.

Here are some sites to check out further info on this: