“Mermaid”Here’s a new excuse I heard today from my 4 year old.  The excuse was for not making it to the potty in time and peeing in his pants.

Me:  “Zack, why did you pee your pants?  You know that you have to go to the bathroom right away.  Don’t wait because you are playing.”

Zack:  “But Mom, I am pretending that I am a mermaid and mermaids are always wet.  So, I wet my pants.  It’s okay, mom, don’t worry.  I’m just a mermaid.”

I just sat there for a minute with an open mouth.  How do you respond to this stuff?  How does he even know what a mermaid really is?  I COULD NOT keep from laughing.  I know I need to be strong and not let my face crack with humor at times like this.  But sometimes they are just so funny and so naughty at the same time.  I am hoping that he channels this creativity into healthy endeavors in the future.  Also, if anyone has a good idea as to how to explain “lying” to a 4 year old, I would welcome any advice 🙂