wfmwheader.jpgGo to fullsize imageMy four year old, Zack, and my two year old, Anson, love to see their artwork on display.  We came up with a new way to make them feel proud about their favorite works of art and also provide a way for us to show off their “natural supreme talent”. 

I take their favorite picture (okay, so maybe it’s my favorite picture) and I buy a cheap poster frame that’s a little bit larger.  I then take the most recent school picture or photo and put it into the corner with scrapping letter stickers to show their name and year.  I finish it off with some “scrappy” touches. Such as a cool paper border or cool topic related stickers.  We have a wall going up our stairs where I hang our favorite family photos and these works of art.  The kids love to see them everyday as they go up and down the stairs.  I rotate the museum quality pieces of art they make throughout the year.  It adds great color and family/friends love to see what the kids have done!

Here’s the latest example: (It’s not the best picture, but it gives you an idea)

Kid Art

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